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Humunga Tongue

All-in-one ball and tongue

Humunga Tongue

All-in-one ball and tongue

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New: Humunga Tongue Medium!
Now even dinky dogs can lick big with the Humunga Tongue Medium, specially designed for your pint sized pooch.

The world of dog toys is filled with weird and wonderful bits and bobs: squeakers, rubber bones, fetch toys - the list is endless. But it takes a particularly innovative dog toy to make your good friends here at Firebox sit up and beg for more. Thankfully the supremely silly Humunga Tongue did exactly that the minute we saw it dangling from the mouth of one of our roving product researchers (not something we'd recommend, as it's for dogs, not humans!).

Humunga Tongue This gloriously daft fetch toy will entertain dogs and owners for hours on end, and it's guaranteed to provide you with the greatest doggy photo opportunity since Pickles the pooch discovered the World Cup in '66 (ask your parents).

Humunga Tongue Basically the Humunga Tongue is a non-toxic rubber ball with an enormous great tongue moulded on to it. When your dog picks it up, he/she immediately looks like something that might have escaped from Toontown, as the elongated tongue section hangs out of your bow wow's mouth in a highly amusing, 'Ooby Dooby Doo' fashion.

Humunga Tongue
Even if your dog hasn't got much of a sense of humour, we guarantee it will love chasing after the Humunga Tongue. Especially when it sees the ''Awww, look how cute he is' effect this skilfully crafted piece of rubber has on both owners and onlookers.

It doesn't matter what kind of dog you own either, because the Humunga Tongue is sure to raise a titter whether it's being chomped by a Chihuahua or bitten by a Bullmastiff. In fact, we reckon the Humunga Tongue is the best thing to hit dog-dom since Doggles and the Talk To Me Treatball. So don't just sit there playing dead, get lively and order a Humunga Tongue - your dog will absolutely love it and so will you. Woof!

Humunga Tongue

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Warning: Only for dogs with a good sense of humour!

Size guide
  • Medium: Dogs under 20lbs - approximately 18cm
  • Large: Dogs over 20lbs - approximately 25cm
Humunga Tongue

Fetching tip for human:
  • Grab the tip of the tongue. Flip back over your shoulder. Throw. The tongue will propel the ball even further.

Please note:
  • Made from non-toxic natural rubber.

  • This is a fetch toy, not a chew toy. Your dog should be supervised when playing with this toy; for your dog's safety, examine the toy from time to time for wear and replace it when appropriate.

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Customer Reviews

My dog LOVES her toy tongue... she's a border collie and it keeps her entertained for hours. It's one of the only things I've found that she hasn't been able to destroy.
Bethany - 1st March 2008
I gave this to my dog for xmas this morning, he loves it, although likes to hold it by the tongue and not the ball. It is definatley not a 'chew toy' which is what he has done in 5mins tho.
Sabrina - 25th December 2007
Five minutes of hilarity, then just one minute to destroy it. They're not kidding when they say it's not a chew toy.
Tom Hartley - 26th October 2006
The Humunga Tongue was Jack's (labrador) favourite toy. May I suggest a cheap accessory for the hole in the end however? The Humunga Tunga Bunga!... as one day I threw it in the river... and it sank. Jack still stops and looks out mournfully at the ill-fated spot.
Jo Fisher - 13th June 2005
Great Product, I had fun with even if he didn't! Silly dog kept holding the wrong though...!
Scott - 12th June 2005
Laura, try carrying your second Humunga Tongue in a pocket, not in your mouth. Passengers will pay attention to your dog again...
André - 22nd February 2005