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Glow Brick

The light bulb's on, but nobody's home

Glow Brick

The light bulb's on, but nobody's home

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Glow Brick

Green or Blue

'Woo-ooo-o-o-o!' In case you're wondering, that's us trying to make a ghostie sound. Not very convincing, granted, but we guarantee you'll be unable to resist making a similar noise whenever you clap eyes on the wonderfully spooky Glow Brick.

This weird and wonderful block of acrylic is a deliciously strange piece of lighting, as it contains a disembodied phosphorescent light bulb that seems to float within its transparent surroundings. As darkness falls, the bulb begins to glow a ghostly shade of green or blue, gently bathing its surroundings in ethereal light.

Glow Brick Stranger still, the Glow Brick seems to be powered by phantom forces, as there's no power cord, battery box or on/off switch. But don't go jumping under the duvet in distress - this ingenious piece of mood lighting is actually solar powered. It spends the day soaking up natural light in order to gently glow by night.

By day, the Glow Brick serves as an eye-catching tabletop ornament, but by night it really has to be seen to be disbelieved. Its wraithlike, supernatural shimmer is unlike any light you've ever encountered, and its retro/modern styling is reminiscent of Fritz Lang's Metropolis or a 30s horror movie. We half expected someone to shout 'Igor, throw the switch!' when we dimmed the lights here at Castle Firebox. Especially when some joker shouted 'Yesth Maathster'.

Glow Brick

As well as giving any room a gorgeously ambient glow - even when you're away - the Glow Brick is a great way to add atmosphere to your nocturnal shindigs, particularly if you're listening to a few chill-out tunes or telling the odd paranormal story. All together now: 'Woo-ooo-o-o-o!'

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Please note:
  • Requires natural light to charge
  • Dimensions 11 x 8 x 8 cm

Customer Reviews

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Is it possible that this will 'blow', like normal light bulbs always do eventually?
Douglas Soutar, GB - 23rd January 2011
Firebox says: It's no normal light bulb Douglas, there's no electrical current, so it will glow on forever...
How do you turn it on and how long will it live for?
Dan, Sheffield - 20th September 2010
Firebox says: It's solar powered, so comes on automatically, Dan. How much it glows depends on how sunny it is.
I bought one of these for my brother one xmas. We still laugh about how rubbish this is and that it is possibly the worst present I have ever bought. It is basically a lump of acrylic that gives off a faint green glow.
Becky, Bristol - 21st November 2009
Ooh. . Shiny. . i have one of these, they're great fun. . And create a nice atmosphere too.
I'm, Behind You - 12th December 2008
Firebox says: not just shiny....pretty too!
Excellent product! Just leave it on your bedside table, and during the night if you need to find anything there's enough light to illuminate the table, but enough to let you sleep without lbeing disturbed.
Liam Bowers, Southampton - 28th October 2008
Like an adult 'Glo-Worm' (Remember those toys from the 80s?!) I use mine to show me the way to the loo in the middle of the night!
KT, Canterbury, UK - 28th February 2005