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EST. 1998
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Terra Grass Armchair

My, hasn't your chair grown!

Terra Grass Armchair

My, hasn't your chair grown!

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Even if it's highly unusual, garden furniture is not something that gets us cartwheeling around the office in excitement. It's all a bit DIY-centre meets home-improvement show for sophisticated urbanites such as us. Besides, garden furniture sits gathering cobwebs in the shed for most of the year, doesn't it? Well no, not if it's the utterly ingenious Terra Armchair. That's because, once 'assembled', this eco-friendly chair actually becomes part of the garden. Literally.

Terra Armchair: cardboard frame

But how in the name of Dimmock is that possible, you ask? Well, basically, the Terra Armchair is made of grass. Lawn-type grass, that is (what else could we have meant?). Simply assemble the sturdy cardboard frame into its chair-like shape, fill the structure with soil and plant the grass seeds. Water regularly and before long you'll have your very own organic chair. Sowing (and mowing) your seeds - or should that be seats? - has never been so satisfying!

Terra Armchair: 3 chairs

The Terra will add a funky, sculptural edge to even the most boring of gardens and as long as you give it the same tender loving care as the surrounding green it will last forever. Best of all you can trim it to suit your own personal preference we quite like lolloping around in longish blades, but you might prefer the feel of closely cropped lawn.

Unlike other garden chairs, this fabulously natural piece of furniture doesn't have to be packed away at the end of the day. And, in terms of eye-catching outdoor innovations, it beats anything Alan Titchmarsh, Percy Thrower, Diarmuid Gavin or even Capability Brown ever created.

Terra Armchairs: panorama

Don't be surprised if guests instantly bagsy the Terra it really is the most alluring and unusual thing to hit the backyard since Kim Wilde started presenting Garden Invaders. And you don't need green fingers to guarantee success a shovel and a watering can should suffice. So what on turf are you waiting for? The quicker you order the quicker you can cultivate your Terra Armchair and park yourself on a lovely bit of grass.

more info

  • Some assembly required (assembly instructions included).
  • Includes 100g grass seeds
  • Soil not included - that would be silly
Please note: This product is available in the UK only.

Customer Reviews

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I'm guessing one shouldn't wear white when sitting on these seats if they're worried about grass stains. It's a neat idea though.
Carla, US - 19th July 2004
Dont try and rearrange the furniture!!!
Gilesie, Australia - 9th July 2004
All we need is a couch and a TV. Not good for a movie on a rainy day though.
Peter, Denmark - 3rd July 2004
It looks great, one of the best ideas i've seen. I can't wait to get one.
Serge Dowling, Midlands, UK - 26th June 2004
This is the best garden seat in the world. I even get a great shoulder workout lifting the mower to keep it trim.
Sasha, London - 21st June 2004
Ive got one of these in my garden. Its supurb. The kids love it, the cat loves it, my gran loves it! Makes my bum dirty though!
Richard, Epsom - 21st June 2004