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Waterbomb Catapult

Waterbombs with added oomph!

Waterbomb Catapult

Waterbombs with added oomph!

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Waterbomb Catapult

This three-man weapon can lob a balloon up to 200ft!

Remember the days of the old school yard? We certainly do - that's why this site features a stellar array of daft devices. Like the saying goes, "we don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing." With this in mind we're proud to unveil one of the most utterly infantile devices ever to grace our pages. The Waterbomb Catapult is a total triumph of amalgamated tomfoolery, in that it cunningly combines two of the most childish yet entertaining pastimes known to mankind in order to create one stupendously amusing plaything.

Waterbomb Catapult

Wage watery warfare

Because let's face it, lobbing water-filled balloons at people is hilarious no matter how old you are. So imagine how much funnier lobbing them into the distance via a specially adapted catapult is. Especially when it takes three like-minded buffoons to operate it!

Waterbomb Catapult

Sturdy handle

The added oomph Waterbomb Catapult gives to a filled balloon is truly impressive. This three-man weapon can lob a balloon up to 200ft! And once you get the hang of it you'll be splatting adversaries with more velocity and accuracy than you could possibly imagine. In other words, they'll get completely soaked. But because you're so far away, they won't know how it happened. Result!

This simple but highly effective water weapon is great fun when used in large open spaces. We suppose kids might like it too - although the ones we splatted in the local park didn't seem overly impressed. Weird.

Using this brilliantly asinine device is easier than poking out your tongue: one of you acts as the 'puller' manning the elasticated sling whilst two other reprobates hold either end of the cradle. The puller then draws back the loaded sling, aims and lets rip. Water laugh! It's all a bit Middle Earth meets Looney Tunes!

Waterbomb Catapult


The sturdy Waterbomb Catapult is a back-to-basics way of waging watery warfare, and the utter childishness of boinging balloons at people has been known to prompt some into donning their old school uniform, nicking a few penny chews and playing kiss chase with passers by. So we hear.

Waterbomb Catapult


One thing we can guarantee is that the Waterbomb Catapult will provide you and your friends with hours of inexpensive, rubbery-jubbly fun. It's the most fantastic, bombastic bit of rubber and elastic we've seen in years. Last one to order is a sissy!

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Please Note
  • Product colours may vary
Product Features
  • Launches water balloons up to 50 meters
Package contents
  • 1 x Launcher
  • 1 x Hose adaptor
  • 75 x Water balloons

Customer Reviews

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If you freeze the waterbombs you can use it like artillery.
Matt, England - 30th November 2009
Firebox says: Probably not the greatest idea....snowballs however!
I ordered this from Firebox on Monday afternoon and got it on Tuesday morning - brilliant service and a brilliant product. Many thanks!
Dan, London - 4th August 2009
My friend bought one for my birthday party (a waterfight) except that we got so excited that we didn't use it for water we used it for a impromtu shoe/dip flinging contest! I preferred the Humus (it landed on a graffiti covered wall, graffitied with a exit sign) but the Pumas were a close second (they flew and landed on my friend slap bang in the middle of her head!). I would definatlyrecommend this buy to anyone, anywhere! It was the highlight of the party and completely hilarious! It's a bargain too!
Stevie Hertz, London - 23rd July 2009
I recently got one of these from my uncle and it was great fun; we used it to launch water balloons all over the place and I brought it to my friends party yesterday and we used it for over two hours just firing hiundreds of water balloons at friends halfway across a field. Only problem was it snapped when me and two of my friends were using it!!!! It hurt, a lot!!!! I am now very dissappointed with it as we were just using it nromally i. E. Three people two on the handles and one pulling back on it but the bungie cord part snapped hit me on the wrist (badly brusied) cut my friends finger and hit my other friend in a "manly" area. Apart from it breaking it was great fun while it lasted, still worth the money but not the pain.
Stephen McDonald, Armagh - 27th June 2009
Firebox says: Very sorry to hear that Stephen! Please get in touch we can look in to a replacement for your (, or 0844 922 1010)
I just realised that this could be used for snowballs!!
Shameer, MK - 10th June 2009
It's great fun and the balloons supplied took ages to use. Sadly after only a day of use at the beach the police took it! Offensive weapon my backside, they always know how to ruin fun :(.
Jason, Canterbury - 9th June 2008

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