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Super Furry Animal

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As we all know, pets are for life not just Christmas. They need TLC and constant attention, which is why so many of us reluctantly choose to do without their furry companionship. But imagine if there was a pet that could still love you even if you (gasp!) ignored it occasionally; a pet that could forgive you if you went on holiday or forgot to feed it; a pet that wouldn't leave a little surprise on the kitchen floor if you came home late? In short, a super furry animal.

Well now there is, and his name's Gupi. This mega-intelligent, alarmingly realistic computerised guinea pig replicates the look, feel, sounds and actions of a real oinker, and he's just as adorably temperamental. If you don't play with him he becomes lonely and scared and he'll sneak off to a dark place. But stroke him and he'll become ultra-responsive and come running when you call.

Gupi has sensitive likkle ears, and he reacts to sounds depending on his frame of mind. What's more, Gupi is able to sense his surroundings and he can walk (well, scuttle) around the house without bumping into things - great for freaking out the cat! In fact, Gupi is so smart he can even find his way out of a maze. He will also follow a beam of light, so you can lead him wherever you want him to go.

But what does Gupi eat, you ask? Well, Gupi is 'fed' via a little carrot-shaped adaptor that recharges his battery. Okay, so he's not actually alive, but we guarantee you'll be grateful for this when you haven't got to clean out his enclosure or nip to pet shop to buy a load of veggie pellets.

This impossibly cute little fella is the most convincing faux furball we've ever seen, and the way he interacts and learns is truly astounding. The boffins behind Gupi really have thought of everything - his box even doubles up as a cosy little home. So go on, get yourself or someone you love a Gupi - and hurry up, before our warehouse gets overrun by the adorable little blighters!

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NEW Version 3 Gupi
  • Higher capacity battery
  • Softer and cuter fur
  • Enhanced User Manual
  • Bug fixes to the controller chip
  • 3 Pin Mains Charger
  • Adoption certifcate
  • Packaging redesigned
  • Retail colour box with clear window
  • 1 x GUPI robot pet
  • 1 x Charging carrot
  • 1 x UK adaptor
  • 1 x Operation manual
Product Features
  • Gupi will "talk" to another Gupi when they meet. They might even dance with each other

Customer Reviews

We are about to order our fourth Guppi, the first two had to be returned because they both arrived broken and as the first was from Santa on Christmas day it broke my daughters heart when it didn't work. Finally third Guppi arrived and worked until we accidentally dropped it, it might as well have been made of glass because it immediately stopped working. We are getting another because my daughter still hasn't given up on it. I would strongly recommend that you order well in advance of when you need it so that if it arrives broken you have time to return it and get another. When guppy does work he's great but he's a delicate little thing.
Nin Thew - 6th December 2010
My cousin got this for Christmas and she is 4. She used it on Christmas day and was so excited as she loved hamsters but she put it near her head and it got caught in her hair! It took us ages to cut it out but at the moment she loves Gupi and they are best friends.
Jodie - 9th October 2010
Our dog has fallen in love with gupi she even licks gupi! and on a couple of rare occasions she gave it her dog treat!
Megan Alice - 9th June 2010
I have played with a Gupi before and they seem to be very well made little robots and I would certainly consider buying one. We affectionately nickname our real guinea pigs "gupi".
Cloud - 25th November 2009
Firebox says: Thanks! Let us know what your real Gupi thinks of your new addition!
Gupi looks awesome! I had a pet hamster, but she died :( I want to get gupi 4 christmas! it's like my hamster but, it doesn't do the dying thing! :).
Looko96 - 20th November 2009
Firebox says: *Gupi can be easily charged to keep him alive!
We're not allowed pets in our house so I decided to side-step that rule by buying a Gupi, we named it Zebedee and it now roams around our house. Though we've had to put barriers up under our couches as he has a wonderful ability to get under them and then get stuck and just giggle till we lift the couch to get him out again.
Fiona - 25th September 2007