Chilly's Bottle

Superior Insulation

Chilly's Bottle

Superior Insulation

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  •  Cold drinks stay frosty for up to 24 hours
  •  Hot beverages remain piping hot for up to 18 hours
  •  BPA-free and made of stainless steel to preserve flavour
  •  Stylish, environmentally friendly and virtually unbreakable
  •  Won't shatter and break your heart like a Thermos flask


The Chilly's Bottle has set an inconceivable new benchmark for drinks insulation. Using an advanced double wall vacuum, this functional flask can keep cold drinks frosty for up to 24 hours and hot drinks piping hot for up to 18 hours! It's almost completely unaffected by the outside temperature meaning that you can enjoy perfect beverages, whatever the weather.

The hard outer shell made from high-grade stainless steel not only preserves the flavour and freshness of your drinks, but it also stays at room temperature so there is no icy condensation or burnt hands. Naturally, the bottle is leak-proof so you aren't left with a bag filled with ice cold grapefruit juice or scalding hot coffee.

Full timetable of lectures at University? Long day at the office? Picnics, day trips, sports activities? – you'll want to take your Chilly's Bottle with you everywhere. Not only is it the slickest looking and most efficient insulating flask around; by no longer splashing out on bottled water and Starbucks coffee you can save money AND the environment.

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Please Note:
  • Careful when drinking hot drinks – Chilly's works a little too well
Product Features:
  • Advanced double wall vacuum provides industry-leading insulation
  • Cold drinks stay frosty for up to 24 hours
  • Hot beverages remain piping hot for up to 18 hours
  • Durable 500ml bottle
  • Virtually unbreakable, can handle anything you throw at them
  • Outer shell stays at room temperature, no condensation or burnt hands
  • Stainless steel construction preserves flavour & freshness
  • Leak-proof
  • BPA-free!
  • Save money and the environment by cutting down your frivolous plastic bottle usage!
  • Measures approximately 8cm(W) x 26cm(H) x 8cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I have found it very useful during my working day. I can fill it up before I leave for work, and again at lunch time. It keeps my drink hot all and it still tastes fresh. I am very pleased with it. The only thing I could find wrong with it, is that it is not as big as I was expecting (you can get about 2 cups of liquid out of it). I might invest in another one, unless they make a bigger one!
JP - 2nd June 2014