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The Perfect Drink

Flawless cocktails, every time

The Perfect Drink

Flawless cocktails, every time

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  •  Have all the expertise of a world-class bartender at home
  •  Create beautiful & perfectly proportioned cocktails every time
  •  Scales pair with an instructive app on your smartphone or tablet
  •  Choose from hundreds of classic & modern drink recipes
  •  Watch the virtual glass & follow real-time pouring instructions
  •  Perfect for making "app"letinis


For too long we've splashed out on over-priced cocktails. Afraid to try it ourselves. Wrongly thinking that it's impossible to achieve the same results without hours of professional training. The Perfect Drink is here to revolutionise home bartending and empower you to create beautiful looking and perfectly proportioned cocktails every single time.

This smart set of scales pairs up with a free instructive app on your smartphone or tablet and it's packed with hundreds of cocktail recipes; everything from classic concoctions to more modern mixtures.

Simply place your vessel of choice (or the included stainless steel cocktail shaker) on the scale and start pouring. This ingenious device makes a whopping 30 measurements per second so that you don't have to. Just watch on your screen as the virtual glass fills up in real time and tells you precisely when to stop pouring. Don't worry if you over-pour an ingredient as the app will automatically re-adjust the recipe to compensate. From stirring and shaking time to ideal ice quantities and fruity garnishes, no single detail has been left to chance.

Want to make a pitcher? Just increase the number of servings on the app and it does all the calculations for you. On a budget and feeling adventurous? Use the "Cabinet" feature to only display recipes that can be made with the ingredients you have readily available.

Making deliciously flawless cocktails at home has never been so easy, it's like having your very own world-class bartender, only without all the pretentious bottle twirling and smarmy chat up lines.

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Please Note:
  • Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
  • The free app works with iOS (5+) and Android (4.1+)
  • iPad definitely not included
Product Features:
  • Create beautiful looking and perfectly proportioned cocktails every time
  • Free app includes hundreds of cocktail recipes
  • No more measuring! Watch the virtual glass fill up in real time
  • Takes into account shaking/stirring time, ice quantities and garnishes
  • Connects to your smartphone/tablet via the included 3.5mm jack
  • Costs the same as a couple of rounds of classy cocktails
  • "Serving size" feature for filling large party pitchers
  • Can weigh up to a maximum of 4kg (should be plenty)
  • "Cabinet" feature to only display cocktails that can be made with the spirits you have readily available.
  • The app is regularly updated with new recipes and exciting features
Kit Includes:
  • Smart Scales
  • Free instructive app
  • 550ml stainless steel cocktail shaker
  • Smartphone/tablet stand
  • Scales measure approximately 23cm(Ø) x 4cm(H)

Customer Reviews

Love it ! I have several Cocktail apps and numerous books, even a professional mechanical martini shaker but this tops that. Easy to use, the choice of cocktails is huge and if you set up your 'cabinet' right you can easily pick ones you've got all the ingredients for. Was a great talking point at a party, with everyone wanting a go. Now just have to find room for my ever expanding collection of spirits and liquors.
Duncan - 17th July 2014
This does what it says on the tin...though I perhaps got a little over-excited at the thought. Essentially, it's a posh set of kitchen scales. Fun for brief period, until you realise you spent all the money for the ingredients on the scale itself! That said, it is a slick app and will help you to make better cocktails.
Andrew - 16th July 2014