Mouse Taxidermy Kit

Your next pet project

Mouse Taxidermy Kit

Your next pet project

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  •  Join the fastest growing trend in London
  •  A fully illustrated guide with seventy easy-to-follow steps
  •  Kit contains everything you need (apart from the mouse)
  •  Skin, prep, preserve, mount & position a mouse in under 4 hours
  •  Based on traditional Victorian taxidermy techniques
  •  Bring back fond memories of school biology lessons


If you're not phased by a small (roughly mouse-sized) amount of blood and gore, then why not join the fastest growing trend in London – Taxidermy!

Based on traditional techniques dating back to Victorian times, this thoughtfully put-together kit contains everything a budding taxidermist needs to transform that stone cold rodent into an exquisite ornamental mouse. From surgical gloves and long-nosed pliers, to galvanised wire and tanning solution. Naturally the kit doesn't include a mouse but it does have an extensive list of ethical suppliers to source your rodent from.

Written from hands-on experience, the simple step-by-step guide covers each part of the taxidermy process, from skinning and preparation through to stuffing and positioning. Fully illustrated, each instruction is easy to follow and accompanied by a close-up photograph of the author at work.

In less than four hours you'll have your very own happy little mouse and the perfect eccentric talking point for your living room. We'll leave it up to you whether you want to dress it up in doll's clothes and give it a tiny pipe so that it looks like Hugh Hefner.

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Please Note:
  • Not for the faint-hearted. There will be a little bit of blood and gore (you're opening up a mouse after all)
  • This kit does not include a mouse. It does however include a full list of ethical suppliers to source your rodent from. These are bred as feeder animals for snakes and lizards. Not only would they be discarded if they weren’t sold but the reptiles who eat them wouldn’t be able to survive if the feeder rodents weren’t commercially available. Unlike us omnivores the majority of reptilian species don’t have the option of being vegetarian.
  • Tiny newspaper and armchair not included
Product Features:
  • Seventy easy to follow steps that teach you to skin, prep, preserve, mount and position a mouse in under four hours
  • A fully illustrated guide. Each step is accompanied by a close up photograph of the author at work.
  • Written from hands on experience, the author Margot Magpie teaches the perennially sold-out taxidermy course at The Last Tuesday Society in London
  • Covers all 38 species of mouse
  • Kit includes: 1 Mouse Taxidermy Workshop Manual, 65 mm of Liquacure Tanning Solution, 200 grams Borax, Surgical gloves, PVA Glue, Cotton wool, Wool String, Galvanised wire, Scalpel, Glass Beads, Linen thread and Needle nose pliers
  • Measures approximately 22cm(W) x 16cm(H) x 5.5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Perfect for saving for posterity all those thoughtful furry presents that spell out just how much your kitty loves you.
Elaine - 7th August 2014
That is NOT how I started off!
Norman Bates - 10th April 2014
Firebox says: Now now Norman, listen to your mother, or she will get very mad.
Very handy guide. However, it does raise the question where can one batch purchase mice in London? I want to build an army.
Zi - 9th April 2014
Firebox says: Hey Zi, there is a list of ethical suppliers included in the kit. Please let us join your mouse war!
Ah, the perfect gift for all the novice budding 'Norman Bates' out there, unsure quite how to begin. After all one has to start out somewhere. Consider the 'Mouse Kit' the perfect lowest rung, like 'starter-wheels' for your skinning adventure. - (Tho' I suggest getting 2 or 3 kits if you plan on stuffing a rat rather. ) :).
Julian - 8th April 2014
I used to be a taxidermist, All I used to do was sit around and stuff....
James - 7th April 2014
This is how Norman Bates started off....
Steve Arch - 6th April 2014