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Say Cheese Instant Slicer

Say Cheese Instant Slicer

Shake it like a slice of red leicester

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  •  Turn your favourite fromage into sliced cheesy memories
  •  Looks just like a classic Polaroid Camera
  •  Produces razor-sharp imagery and develops instantly
  •  You'd have to Brie completely Emmental not to buy it



You Cheddar believe it when we say you'd have to Brie completely Emmental not to buy the Say Cheese Instant Slicer.

Looking (and sort-of functioning) like a classic Polaroid Camera; simply drag this analogue utensil over the top of your favourite fromage and watch as the slices begin to develop. You can now transform that cold, hard block of Red Leicester into a stack of delicious cheesy memories.

For all the hipsters out there, we'd recommend you try a firm blue cheese to give your photos that authentic aged look, then drizzle on a Worcester sauce filter followed by a vinaigrette vignette. Remember that you'd Feta keep your subjects nice and Stilton otherwise your photos may come out blurry.

Right that is quite enough of these terrible cheese puns, they're starting to grate and we Camembert it any longer.

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Please Note:
  • This product works better with hard cheeses, don't go trying to mash a ball of Gorgonzola through there
  • Is not actually the size of a typical Polaroid camera (see actual dimensions below)
Product Features:
  • Slice cheese with this awesome analogue utensil
  • Looks just like a classic Polaroid Camera
  • Create your own edible and slightly sticky post-it notes
  • Measures approximately 7cm(W) x 8cm(H) x 7cm(D)