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Skull Art Prints

Skull Art Prints

Dead Cool

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  •  Adorn your walls with fine skeletal masterpieces
  •  Twenty removable posters by trend-setting artists
  •  Includes art by Dan Stirling, Pure Evil, Carissa Rose & many more
  •  Each poster fits into a standard 11 x 14 inch frame



You may find yourself staring at a blank wall in your house thinking "just what is this space missing?" In all seriousness, it's definitely a piece of striking Skull Art.

But what type of exciting bleached-bone artwork to go for? Perhaps a tattoo-inspired skull with snakes weaving through its fractured cranium by Megamunden, or a politically themed silkscreen skull spouting a whole mouthful of warheads by Patrick Thomas, or maybe just a striking photographic collage by Sergei Sviatchenko.

Featuring works from a plethora of trend-setting artists including James Joyce, Zoe Dorelli and many more; this hefty volume contains twenty removable posters, all of which are perfectly-sized to fit into a standard 11x14" frame so you can adorn your walls with these fine skeletal masterpieces.

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Product Features:
  • Adorn your walls with a wide range of skeletal masterpieces
  • Twenty removable posters by trend-setting artists
  • Artists included are: French, Patrick Thomas, Carissa Rose, Drew Millward, Dan Stirling, James Joyce, Dominick Rapone, Boo Davies/Quiltsrÿche, Noah Scalin, Noma Bar, Paul Alexander Thornton, Pure Evil, Rich Fairhead, Zeke Clough, Zoe Dorelli, Craig Robson, Megamunden, Sarah King, Sergei Sviatchenko & Andres Guerre
  • Each poster fits into a standard 11 x 14 inch frame
  • Book is held together by a handy string-fastening
  • Individual posters measure approximately 35.8cm(W) x 28cm(H) (11" x 14")
  • Book Measures approximately 35.8cm(W) x 28cm(H) x 1cm(D)