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Bizarre Boozy Blends

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  •  Three extraordinary flavours laced with eccentric curiosity
  •  Melt in the seductive scent of salted caramel popcorn
  •  Savour the crackling electricity of a lightning bolt
  •  Revel in the familiar fragrant taste of freshly cut grass
  •  Mojitos and Moscow Mules are no longer adventurous
  •  An avant-garde mixologist's dream come true


Have you ever stood motionless in the pouring rain, in total awe of a breathtaking thunderstorm? Or stepped out onto a newly mowed lawn and just breathed in the glorious scent? Or sat in an old cinema foyer and basked in its warm, inviting popcorn glow?

Oddka has taken these distinct and memorable feelings and transformed them into three bizarre boozy blends that inject a bit of eccentric mystery back into your ordinary cocktails. Mojitos and Moscow Mules are no longer adventurous – not when you can now lick a lightning bolt, frolic in the flavour of freshly cut grass and melt in the seductive scent of salted caramel popcorn.

Undoubtedly concocted and distilled by a radical mixologist in some distant unimaginable laboratory; it's time to embrace these outlandish flavours, take one fearless sip and let Oddka lead you right out of your conventional alcoholic comfort zone and into a curious and intoxicating world of wonder.

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Product Features:
  • Three unique and eccentric boozy blends to liven up your cocktials
  • Enter a boozy and exciting world of wonder
  • Strength: Electricity - ABV 30%, Fresh Cut Grass - ABV 20%, Salty Caramel Popcorn - ABV 20%
  • 500ml bottles
  • Measures approximately 7cm(W) x 28cm(H) x 7cm(D)