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Inside&sup3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes

Face to face with darkness

Put your patience and spatial awareness skills to the test
Multi-storey mazes made up of seven labyrinthian layers
Makes a Rubik's cube look like a pathetic child's toy
5 to choose from, each more challenging than the last
Can you beat the cube?

Once upon a time the Rubik's cube ruled the puzzle world. It was, cool, iconic, reasonably hard to solve – but now a fresh and exciting challenge has emerged. The Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle Cube is a blind three-dimensional maze, where you must steer the ball enclosed within from one face to the other, out of the darkness. There are 5 different cubes to choose from, getting incrementally more challenging and requiring delicate hands and steely determination.

Each cube is comprised of seven labyrinthian layers to get lost in; these then combine to make up a mind-bending, multi-storey maze. Thankfully there's an engraved map of each level on one of the faces, and the actual cubes themselves can be dismantled and re-constructed if need be. However, if you dare to attempt the harder cubes you'll be deprived of both these luxuries. It's just you and the cube.

Like a modern day Theseus, it is up to you to push your spatial awareness skills and patience to the absolute brink in order to guide this helpless ball-bearing to freedom. Trust your senses, feel and hear your way. Gently tip and rotate it or frantically shake it (or hurl it at the wall in desperation).

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Please Note:
  • May contain a tiny Minotaur
  • Trivia: The original Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle prototype was made from a cardboard box and a peppercorn. A peppercorn!
Product Features:
  • Put your senses and dainty hands to the ultimate test
  • Multi-storey mazes made up of seven labyrinthian layers
  • Engraved maps to help guide your way
  • Easier levels can be be dismantled if you lose the ball
  • Available in 5 difficulty levels – Easy (for the unfamiliar and laid-back beginner), Mean, Awful, Vicious, Mortal (for the seasoned puzzle-solver with the patience of a saint)
  • Neither Vicious nor Mortal can be opened/dismantled – Mortal doesn't even have a map!
  • Who knew the French were so good at creating mazes?
  • Measures approximately 6cm(W) x 6cm(H) x 6cm(D)
Customer reviews
"Blind fury of the maze runner."
Lance - 7th of February, 2015
Review 1 of 7