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Grow Your Own Clitoria

Grow Your Own Clitoria

Create a lady garden

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  •  Plant your seed and watch your love blossom
  •  A highly sensitive flower that requires special attention
  •  Won't develop into an uncontrollably large and unwieldy bush
  •  The perfect activity for those idle green fingers of yours
  •  It's a labia of love



Love cannot just be bought. It has to be grown. Nurtured. Thankfully the Grow Your Own Clitoria kit contains everything you need to sow your own virile seeds of love and watch them blossom.

Perhaps it's a strong reflection of your own passionate desires or a delicate floral symbol of the love you wish to give. Whether you're giving or receiving, the Clitoria is a highly sensitive flower that requires special attention all the same. It's also pretty elusive so for heavens sake don't forget where you planted it or you may not find it again.

This is the year you don't just hand them some disposable token that they can throw away after Valentines day. Expensive chocolates will be eaten. Petrol station bouquets will wither away within days. But this cheeky and enduring representation of your love will only grow stronger and stand the test of time (unless they cruelly neglect it).

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Please Note:
  • Crass innuendos aside, be sure to keep your Clitoria well-moistened and pinch regularly to encourage bushiness
  • Lovely nude female (or is it a very smooth, curvaceous male?) with gardening gloves not included
  • We promise that this plant is actually real
Product Features:
  • Give them an enduring symbol of your (yeah we're going to say it) sexual desires
  • Everything you need to grow your own Clitoria plant
  • Plant your seeds and watch your love blossom
  • Won't develop into an uncontrollably large and unwieldy bush
  • Certain to outlast other boring disposable Valentines gifts (unless they forget to water it)
  • Measures approximately 10cm(W) x 10cm(H) x 10cm(D)