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EST. 1998
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Pebble Smartstick+ Portable Charger

Pocket Power

Pebble Smartstick+ Portable Charger

Pocket Power

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  •  Don't allow your smartphone to run out of battery ever again
  •  2800mAh power supply charges your phone with juice to spare
  •  Comes with a handy carabina and protective screw cap
  •  Never stop txting, calling & maintaining your impulsive online habits
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Whether you're searching for indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle, up to your eyeballs in mind-expanding herbs at Glastonbury, or just living out your regular lovely life – you need your phone to be charged and ready to roll at a moments notice, flat batteries just aren't an option.

The life-saving Pebble Smartstick+ Portable Charger is small and light enough to be carried around in your bag or clipped onto your rucksack or belt. Ram-jammed with a hearty 2800mAh power supply, you can fully re-charge your waning mobile device, with plenty of juice to spare.

Housed in a sturdy metal casing, complete with a protective screw cap and clip-on carabina. Bung this dependable smartphone sidekick in your bag and your txting, calling and impulsive online social habits need never cease!

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Please Note:
  • Includes five of the most common charging adapters as well as a USB port so you can charge any mobile device with your own charging cable – we're looking at you, lightning cable owners
Product Features:
  • Fully charge your smartphone with charge to spare
  • 2800mAh power supply
  • Red and Blue LED charging indicators (red = charged, blue = charging)
  • 5 charging tips – micro-USB, mini-USB, Sony Ericsson, Nokia pin tip and Apple 30 pin
  • Protective screw cap
  • Includes a carabina and carrying pouch
  • Measures approximately 2.1cm(W) x 2.1cm(H) x 11.4cm(D)
  • Weighs 84g

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