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Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie

Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie

Use your head

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  •  Stay warm and enjoy hands-free chatting and music
  •  High quality built-in speakers with excellent sound quality
  •  Easily and quickly recharged via USB
  •  60 hours standby time and 6 hours talk time



No one wants a cold head this winter and no one wants to be stuck listening to people's inane conversations at the bus stop. You want to keep that noodle of yours toasty and warm, and you want to be able to zone out and listen to your own music without sacrificing that aforementioned warmth. You want the Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie.

Sync it to your Bluetooth device in seconds and start enjoying delectable hands-free connectivity for chatting and listening to music on the go. Featuring high quality built-in speakers with excellent sound quality, this cosy piece of head-ware easily goes toe to toe with overpriced high-street headphones.

With a lengthy 60 hours standby time and 6 hours of talk time you'll be happily listening to music, answering calls and keeping warm all without jeopardising your style or throttling yourself with annoying wires.

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Please Note:
  • Jake (pictured) served out his sentence and is now happily making a living by hand-finishing wooden boardgames
Product Features:
  • Keep your head warm whilst listening to music and answering calls
  • Syncs to your phone in seconds
  • Dual dynamic speakers
  • Fully washable (remove the internal speakers from their respective pouches)
  • 60 hours standby time
  • 6 hours of non-stop talk time
  • Easily re-charged by USB (cable included)
  • 10 metre range, in case you wanted to drag your phone behind you on a piece of string
  • One generous size fits all (unless you have a preposterously bulbous cranium)