Death Star Cookie Jar

Stop your biscuits going Chewie

Death Star Cookie Jar

Stop your biscuits going Chewie

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  •  Fully armed and operational
  •  Easily replenishable cookie-based power core
  •  Better than those other two hopeless space-stations
  •  Made from detailed glazed ceramic
  •  Doesn't have security-crippling design flaws


There was the Original Death Star, Death Star II and now…the Death Star Cookie Jar.

Where those other hopeless planet-destroying space stations failed, this glazed ceramic behemoth will succeed. Granted it doesn't have a preposterously large superlaser, but it equally doesn't have a two metre-wide thermal exhaust port that completely undermines its shield's integrity.

That said, you can comfortably get a hand or two in there to easily replenish (and feast upon) its cookie-based power core. So see how it goes, just keep it safely out of the reach of rebellious young Jedi.

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Please Note:
  • Many Bothans died to bring us this information
Product Features:
  • Detailed glazed ceramic replica cookie jar
  • Flat base so it won't roll all over the place
  • Simple twist lid
  • Measures approximately 20cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Bought this for a good friend of mine. . It was delivered in supa fast time and he opened it on his birthday. He loved it! (of course). I have seen it also and was really happy with the overall quality, Cheers FB!
Marcus - 12th February 2014
I bought this as a Santa present for my son, as he's obsessed with the Death Star. The cookie jar is beautifully made and a great size for filling it up with yummy treats.
Tiffany - 29th November 2013
So here I was shopping for my secret santa for work and I saw this! Well of course I had to have it, a fully armed and operational battlestation guarding my biscuits from Rebel Scum this time there will be no exhaust ports or trenches to fly along at last we shall have our revenge.... I mean cookies.
Victoria Richardson - 29th November 2013
From a place far far away came an amazing sight. It is just a shame I have to say goodbye to it soon as this is a Xmas gift BUT I SOOOOOOOO WANT ONE!
Nathan - 6th November 2013
Within a few days of purchasing Death Star Cookie Jar, it had completely destroyed the peaceful planet of Alderaan. 24 hours later I received a visit from the emperor himself, who wished to 'inspect progress'. All in all - a resounding success. 10/10.
Tom 'Moose' Calnan - 5th November 2013
Firebox says: The emperor can be quite intimidating, but don't worry Tom, The force is strong in you.