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Death Star Cookie Jar

Death Star Cookie Jar

Stop your biscuits going Chewie

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  •  Fully armed and operational
  •  Easily replenishable cookie-based power core
  •  Better than those other two hopeless space-stations
  •  Made from detailed glazed ceramic
  •  Doesn't have security-crippling design flaws


There was the Original Death Star, Death Star II and now…the Death Star Cookie Jar.

Where those other hopeless planet-destroying space stations failed, this glazed ceramic behemoth will succeed. Granted it doesn't have a preposterously large superlaser, but it equally doesn't have a two metre-wide thermal exhaust port that completely undermines its shield's integrity.

That said, you can comfortably get a hand or two in there to easily replenish (and feast upon) its cookie-based power core. So see how it goes, just keep it safely out of the reach of rebellious young Jedi.

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Please Note:
  • Many Bothans died to bring us this information
Product Features:
  • Detailed glazed ceramic replica cookie jar
  • Flat base so it won't roll all over the place
  • Simple twist lid
  • Measures approximately 20cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Superb fun item, surprisingly not that heavy, holds a lot though!

Rosie - 14th of July, 2015

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