Star Wars Mood Lights

Lights of the old republic

Star Wars Mood Lights

Lights of the old republic

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  •  Light up the dark side of your bedroom (grooooaan!)
  •  Stormtrooper and Darth Vader versions available
  •  Officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd
  •  No wires or cables so you can pretend it's powered by 'the force'


Everyone gets tempted by the dark side from time to time. It mustn't be underestimated. Anakin was easily seduced and look at him now, nothing but a helmet. A highly-detailed matte plastic helmet that emits a soft and soothing ambient glow.

Illuminated by 5 energy-efficient LEDs, these Star Wars Mood Lights are the perfect bedside companion, and because they're battery powered you can pop one under your arm on your next midnight visit to the loo – no more tripping over droids, walking into blast doors or tumbling blindly into the Sarlacc pit.

You couldn't really ask for more comprehensive protection from the night's terrors than a highly-trained and loyal Stormtrooper and the Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader.

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Please Note:
  • Sadly not wearable
  • No batteries included – large light requires 3x AA, small requires 3x AAA
Product Features:
  • Produces a soft glowing light
  • Illuminated by energy efficient 5 LEDS
  • On/Off switch on the bottom
  • Plastic with a matte finish
  • No restricting wires. Place them anywhere
  • Officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd
  • Comes packaged in a presentation box with full instructions
  • Large light measures approximately 25cm(W) x 25cm(H) x 24cm(D)
  • Small light measures approximately 16cm(W) x 13.5cm(H) x 15.5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Ordered the little ones for my boys. Stormtrooper definitely has the edge. The 'eyes' and the colour look better especially in the dark. Both boys love them and there was no fighting over who had which as they are kept in the same room, side by side. It took a great deal of strength (force even) to wrap them up at Xmas and give them away. I was going to get bad Mum of the year award by keeping the presents for me but imagine my surprise when my wonderful hubby bought me the big Stormtrooper mood light for Xmas too! Just need the big Darth now for our complete family! Thanks Firebox. Great service as usual!!
Pinkliz4444 - 23rd January 2014
Firebox says: Happy to help! Use the force you must.
I pre ordered a small stormtrooper mood light and it arrived today. Looks fantastic. Just what I was after. Fantastic service again Firebox.
Gertie - 16th December 2013