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Freeze Chilling Wine Glasses

Don't lose your cool

Freeze Chilling Wine Glasses

Don't lose your cool

Delivery to the united states from $6.75
Available to pre-order
Expected 9 Apr 2015
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  •  Never have to tolerate woefully warm white wine again
  •  Keeps your beverages perfectly chilled
  •  Made from hardy acrylic with an insulating rubber grip
  •  No ugly cool-boxes. No dribbly freezer sleeves. No hassle
  •  Impress temperature-conscious wine snobs


When it comes to chilling wines, we're often too fixated on trying to lower the temperature of just one bottle. Ingeniously, the Freeze Chilling Wine Glasses actually cater for your eclectic drinking palate, allowing you to bring as many drinks as you please to the party and cooling every sip to perfection.

No need to prepare your wines in the fridge beforehand or lug around an ugly plastic cool box. Just pop this smart pair of self-chilling glasses in the freezer and in no time they'll be ready to cool your beverages for hours on end. Made from a hard-wearing acrylic containing an innovative thermal gel, these fine frosty vessels are larger than your average wine glass so you could always branch out and enjoy a perfectly crisp G&T.

You need to remind yourself just how glorious an impromptu glass of ice-cold white wine on a summer's eve can be. And once you've savoured that cool grape refreshment (and thoroughly impressed your wine snob friends) you'll wonder how you ever lived without these chilling chalices.

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Product Features:
  • Keep your beverages perfectly cool for about an hour
  • Set of 2 self-chilling glasses, just pop them in the fridge or freezer
  • Chills to 6-11°C (Freezer) and 14-17°C (Fridge)
  • Made of rugged acrylic containing a thermal cooling gel
  • Insulated rubber grip
  • Perfect for summer picnics, spontaneous celebrations, after work social functions etc.
  • You can also just pop them in the fridge to cool your reds to that much-lauded "cellar temperature"
  • Holds a generous 242ml (8.5oz) – larger than your average wine glass. Unless of course you own lots of really quite large wine glasses. It's nothing personal. We don't actually mean your wine glasses. Just a turn of phrase really. Not a competition. Never mind. They're large. Probably larger than yours.
  • Box measures approximately 19.5cm(W) x 15cm(H) x 9cm(D)

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