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Rhino Shield for iPhone

Screen Saviour

Rhino Shield for iPhone

Screen Saviour

In Stock

iPhone 6 Plus

In Stock

  •  High impact-resistant screen protector
  •  Just 0.029 cm thick!
  •  Easy to apply – no sticky residue and no air bubbles
  •  Scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint smudge layer


It’s almost inevitable that at some point in our lives we will drop our mobile phone. We'll momentarily hate ourselves and then (if we're lucky) we'll just carry on using a depressing shattered device until our next upgrade in 18 months. This is not on, the world is screaming out for the Rhino Shield.

Made from an ingenious custom-formulated polymer, this slender screen saviour absorbs 5x the impact energy of the much-lauded Gorilla glass, keeping your screen safe from the most brutal of collisions. Pavement drops? Accidental hammer blows? No problem.

Rhino Shield is just 0.029cm thick. This is nothing short of incredible. It's the ultimate protective solution and it doesn't compromise on touch-screen capability or Apple's elegant aesthetics.

Beautifully simple to apply, just give your phone a quick wipe down with the included cloth and then the self-adhesive silicone clings to your phone screen like magic – no sticky residue and no air bubbles.

This is not just another accessory, this an absolute no-brainer and you'd be crazy not to slap one on and start protecting your phone today.

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Please Note:
  • Please do not try and re-create any of the stunts performed in the videos – we accept no responsibility if you break your screen by personally thumping it with a hammer (for example).
  • For advice on how to apply the Rhino Shield click here
Product Features:
  • Very easy to apply – no sticky residue and no air bubbles
  • Slap it on and you’re instantly protected
  • Scratch resistant
  • Only 0.029 cm thick!
  • Highly Transparent
  • Packaging measures approximately 10cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 0.3cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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This has definite lived up to and beyond my expectations, at first I thought buying this shield for the amount of money was a bit silly, but today I was proved wrong! For those of you who have been to Thailand you will know what a Tsong Tao is, well today my phone flew out the back of one, and lo and behold it survived!
Kelly, Essex - 31st July 2014
I have the protector for the iPhone 5. It's great!! Goes on easily, feels like glass, easy to clean. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Lucia Cross, London - 10th May 2014

Tomos, North Wales - 18th April 2014
Easy to apply, no bubbles at all! You don't really notice it's there. You just have this epic invisible super strength added to your phone. I don't think even kryptonite would get thru this!
Alistair, Essex - 5th April 2014
Buy this it's awesome! I ordered a Rhino Shield for my daughter's new iPhone 5S. It was dutifully applied (by me, but not too tricky) and she went on a school trip to Iceland (lucky her!). Whilst there, her phone came out of her pocket while loading her luggage on to the coach, fell to the ground glass first, and bounced off a large piece of rather pointy gravel (Icelandic rock is obviously very hard - polymorphic volcanic rock or something!). The Rhino Shield now has a big hole in, but her iPhone is safe!
Emma, Guildford - 4th April 2014
The rhino shield is great. Easy to apply with no air bubbles. Touchscreen is exactly the same as having no screen protector at all! Also appreciate the bag of sweets that comes in the parcel with it! Cheers firebox!
John, Norfolk - 27th February 2014