Postcode Puzzles

Personalised puzzles of your very own locale!

Postcode Puzzles

Personalised puzzles of your very own locale!

Aerial 255 pieces

Direct Despatch

Aerial 400 pieces

Direct Despatch

Important Information:

Please allow approximately 7-10 working days for manufacture. Delivery times vary, see more information on Direct Despatch products.

We need a full street address and post code to customise your order and you will be asked for these details at our Checkout.



Jigsaw enthusiasts are usually thought of in the same context as trainspotters, macramé buffs and avid viewers of Time Team. But perhaps that's because most of us associate jigsaw puzzles with naff images of cutesy kittens, fantasy vistas, dull tourist attractions and twee thatched cottages from an era that never was.

The point being, it's invariably the subject of the jigsaw that lets it down, not the puzzle itself. For this very reason, your genre-reinventing friends here at Firebox are proud to unveil what we believe to be the next generation of jigsaws.

Postcode Puzzles are unique, 255 or 400 piece map jigsaws centred on a place of YOUR choice. Simply give us the full postcode of the property you'd like at the centre of your puzzle - be it your own humble abode or a friend or relative's pad - and leave the rest to us.

All pieces are crafted in high-quality 1.5mm millboard - meaning they'll fit together beautifully like, well, like a jigsaw. The centre piece is even in the shape of a house. What's more, each complete 255 piece puzzle measures a coffee table friendly 35.6cm x 27.1cm (400 piece 47.2cm x 31.2cm) so you won't have to clear away the furniture for floor - based assembly.

Postcode Puzzles are guaranteed to give you a whole new grasp of your local surroundings and provide you with hours of maptastic entertainment. Just remember, we know where you live. Sort of.

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Please note:

  • When ordering this product online, you will be asked for the full street address and post code you wish to order in a special box on our Checkout page.
  • Postcode Puzzles only cover mainland England and Wales.(addresses in Scotland, Northern Ireland and offshore islands are not available)
  • It is not possible to include a personalised message with this gift - we apologise for any inconvenience.
  • Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info
Product Details:
  • Ships in a presentation box with space for you to personalise with the name of the property/area
  • 255-piece assembled size: 356 x 271mm
  • 400-piece assembled size: 472 x 312mm
  • Hand made using quality 1.5mm Millboard
  • Spectacular aerial photographic base that gives you a bird’s eye view of your surrounding community. Shows either 1 mile east to west and 3/4 miles north to south for the 255-piece jigsaw, or an area of 1.4 miles E to W and 1 mile N to S for the 400-piece jigsaw. England & Wales only.

    Please note: Most aerial photographs used in the puzzles were taken between 2005 and 2010, though a small number may have been 2003

Customer Reviews

Fantastic! It's kept the parents busy all day long :-).
Katrina - 26th December 2013
I love this! It's just arrived and just from looking at the odd bits inside the bag and the photo I know it will be fantastic! The quality is amazing. I was worried because the address I wanted it of was a little obscure, but I needn't have worried. Will certainly order again.
Kayleigh - 3rd December 2013
Brilliant!!! I was a bit unsure if it would arrive in time but exceeded expectations on that front as well. It comes in a lovely box and I went for the Landranger design. I chose a postcode in the town where my mum grew up and as she loves jigsaws this looks set to be a nice nostalgic timewaster :D It looks in great quality and am very pleased I made the purchase.
Sheila Smith - 12th December 2012
I bought three Victorian and one Aerial map as gifts. I was a bit concerned as the packaging didn't look like something that had cost anything like the price, also as it seemed a bit of a whacky idea. However, all three couples really enjoyed theirs, two said they were the best pressie they received. The other was my Dad who can be quite grumpy but he was so proud of his he took it to show his mates in the pub. My brother is framing his for the wall! The Victorian ones were of very small villages and one especially was all fields. Very difficult but they obviously enjoyed it enormously.
Jo Wise - 20th January 2011
I LOVED THIS! and so did my Dad as it was his present - I just gave my review but read some of the others below and was shocked that people weren't as entusiastic. My looked great, the ariel pic was really good resolution we can clearly see our house and garden and it looks great centred in the puzzle. I don't understand what inst fab about it?! :( I'm sad people didn't love theirs like we do.... A jigsaw isn't just for Christmas its for life!
Vicki - 5th January 2011
Bought this for my Darling Daddy for Christmas 2010. He absolutely loved it!!! It has a cute middle piece shaped like a house where your house is...I loved that touch! He's the type that has everything, likes and wants nothing. This was perfect. He did the ariel one and and now is thinking of getting another. I think he might even have them framed when he's finished playing with them! Fab pressie & I highly recommend. Plus Firebox is a great site, with the best customer service team I have ever dealt with!
Vicki - 5th January 2011