Monkey Picked Tea

Monkey tea monkey do

Monkey Picked Tea

Monkey tea monkey do

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  •  Picked by highly-trained monkeys
  •  In terms of monkey career path, this is a pretty plush gig
  •  A unique and delicious brew


Everyone loves a good old cup of Rosie Lee, but there are times when bog standard builder's tea simply won't do. The only problem is, unless you've got a double-barrelled name and your palate is as pretentious as your hyphen, wimpy brews like Earl Grey and Darjeeling just don't hit the spot. What's more, posh tea is hardly likely to get your guests in a lather of excitement.

Monkey Picked Tea is a wonderfully refreshing brew that has been hand - or rather paw - picked by monkeys! That's right. These well cared for monkeys are famous in their native China and are specially trained by their owners to pick rare, wild tea plants in inaccessible places, such as cliff faces. The monkey-picked leaves produce a pale, golden tea that's so fragrant and delicious it's best served without milk. Or sugar. Or biscuits. Or cake. The point being, drinking Monkey Tea should be viewed as an important spiritual event, not to be sullied by crass diversions.

And let's face it, scurrying around in the great outdoors harvesting Asia's favourite drink is a far more dignified way to earn a living than prancing around on a barrel-organ in a grubby, ill-fitting clown's suit.

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  • Rare Wild Chinese Tea
  • Picked by trained monkeys
  • No, really
  • Delicate, light flavour
  • Net Wt. 57g

1 heaped teaspoon to small teapot, or 1/3 teaspoon to a cup. Allow tea to steep for 3 minutes before serving. Delicious served chilled.

  • Monkey is not included with Monkey Picked Tea.

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Customer Reviews

You should not sell or buy this as China have NO animal welfare laws and are reknown for animal abuse. There is no protection for these monkeys in how they are trained or kept. My advice don't buy until they have maximum animal protection reform.
Michelle Walker - 24th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Michelle, our supplier has confirmed that these are responsibly sourced and that no animals are harmed or mistreated in anyway with this product. Hope that puts your mind at ease.
This stuff is amazing. I was a bit worried when I saw how small it was but seriously you need a teaspoon in a standard teapot. Since xmas I must have had about 20-30 POTS of this and im barely a quarter of the way through the tin. Buy it!
Simon Miles - 18th June 2011
Firebox says: Great to hear Simon!
Is the monkey plush included?
Connor - 8th May 2011
Firebox says: It is not.
Really delicious and relaxing. :D But is it really hand picked by monkeys? :).
Tom Roylance - 5th April 2011
Firebox, does this come with a free firebox mug like on the picture? If not can I buy one off the website?
Dan - 24th February 2011
Firebox says: Sorry Dan, Firebox mugs are strictly for the Firebox tea-room for the time being.
Although the tea looks nice I don't think it is picked by monkeys. This is just Chinese legend. Should be stated clearly on the page!
Paul - 15th December 2010