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Weasel Coffee

Delicious coffee regurgitated by weasels. It's the taste!

Weasel Coffee

Delicious coffee regurgitated by weasels. It's the taste!

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This amazing coffee is so rare and so astonishing, even Gareth Hunt would be shaking his beans in disbelief! Why? Well, as the name sort of (well, it doesn't really) suggests, Weasel coffee has been eaten and regurgitated by rare Vietnamese weasels! Honestly! As you can imagine, the weasels' gastric goings-on radically alter the taste of the coffee and the result is a stronger, smoother, heady flavoured coffee that will appeal to serious connoisseurs of the mighty bean. Once 'evacuated' by the bean-loving fur balls, the coffee is collected by eagle-eyed villagers, who then market the stuff directly to the manufacturers.

A weasel, yesterday

This richly refreshing coffee is great news in PR terms for the poor old weasel, as the much-maligned creature is frequently (and erroneously) associated with treachery and deceit. In fact, a quick look in the dictionary reveals that, as well as describing a small carnivore, the word weasel can also be used to depict a person who is sly, perfidious and double-crossing.

And anyone who recalls the naughty weasels in Roger Rabbit will remember that they were portrayed as a bunch of cowardly sidekicks who bore more than a passing resemblance to Dean Gaffney. All of which is a great pity, because if it weren't for these furtive little fellows you'd never be able to enjoy the strange but refreshing delights of Weasel Coffee.

Weasel Coffee is great for serving post dinner-party - of course, telling the guests about its production process is strictly optional, but we recommend you spill the beans (boom boom) after they've consumed it - and it also makes a great conversation piece in the office coffee-making area. So don't try weaselling out of it, order yours today! It's totally safe, totally sterilised and totally delicious. Pass the biscuits. (No weasels were harmed during the making of this coffee).

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

  • Net wt. 57g
  • Ground for use in cafetiere or coffee machine
  • 5% from the sale of each bag goes toward the preservation of wildlife in Northern Vietnam
  • Colour of packaging may vary from that pictured.

Customer Reviews

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This is normally called Kopi Luwak, it is without doubt the most delicious coffee in the world, and no harm comes to the Asian Palm Civet, it is also the most expensive coffee in the world so buy it here its cheaper!!
Stu Smith, Crook, England - 29th November 2009
What about the poor weasels!? that must be absoloutly horridious for them how would you like it if it was you!
Jade, Bovingdon - 13th November 2009
Firebox says: This Coffee is first eaten by Weasels which then regurgitate it, no one knows why they do this but it is then collected by locals in remote forest areas and then cleaned and roasted. It's a natural process for the weasels and 5% from the sale of each bag goes toward the preservation of wildlife in Northern Vietnam - it's a win/win situation all round!
Discovered this coffee in Hanoi last year. Love it, drunk it every day on my trip. Glad I can now buy it here (at a price). Was 5000dong (20p) a cup in Hanoi. Try it.
Mic, Thailand - 5th June 2009
Stephen Fry gave Charles and Camilla weasel coffee as a wedding present!
Ben O'Neil, Edinburgh - 12th April 2005
Got some of this as a gift from a friend recently coming back from vietnam. I was astonished at the pure energy and lucidity you get from this product, and it is more like an illegal drug than an over the counter cup of coffee! This stuff rockets you through the day. I love the taste and smell of it. I just now found out what it is, and even after discovering it's dubious origins, I am still going to enjoy it.
Coop, Washington State - 19th December 2004
I can't believe you people actually drank this...
Stu, Edinburgh - 16th October 2004