Superstar Popcorn Maker

It’s a-maize-ing

Superstar Popcorn Maker

It’s a-maize-ing

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  •  Pops twelve cups of popcorn in less time than an ad break
  •  Easiest way to make popcorn in the universe
  •  No mess, no hassle


Home-cinema movie nights just cannot come close to the thrill of the big screen without a toasty bag of popcorn resting contentedly in your lap.

Thankfully, the Superstar Popcorn Maker will make enough popcorn for the party in less time than it takes for the opening credits to roll. Simply add the kernels into the bowl, put in the microwave, add seasoning and dish ‘em out. It couldn’t be easier to use and doesn’t require oil for popping, so the corn is fat-free and healthy too.

Because there’s nothing more devastating than the un-popped deliciousness potential trapped inside those stubborn little seeds, the Superstar’s uniquely designed ‘Super Scoop’ holds kernels to the outside of the bowl closure, to ensure that the optimum amount of kernels are popped.

And if that wasn’t enough, Superstar is also easy to clean, is dishwasher friendly and has an advanced energy saving design for more economical popping. You butter believe us when we say it’s a-maize-ing.

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Please Note:
  • Microwave compatible ONLY. No microwave = no popcorn
  • Corn not included. (Just in case any of you were wondering)
  • We can’t be held responsible for bad movie choices and great tasting popcorn probably won’t make your night a success
Product Features:
  • Requires no pre-heating or oil
  • Advanced energy efficient design for healthier and economical popcorn popping
  • Premium food grade microwave safe material
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Australian designed around functionality and quality
  • Measures approximately 27cm(W) x 16.5cm(H) x 25cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Excellent product, if a bit pricey but in the long run I can see this being used continually in our house. Fast and easy to use, super quick and simple to clean and store. Raw kernels are very cheap and love adding my own seasonings (paprika or cinnamon are great) plus its a really healthy option! Movie night anyone? ;).
Kayleigh - 1st August 2013
This is an amazing gadget!! Trying to eat healthier and frankly I hate the fake taste of microwave popcorn, I gave this a try. I now use it every night! Makes a good sized batch of yummy popcorn without oil in less than 4 minutes. And it's not as dry as when I had an air popper. I just spray the popcorn with a bit of cooking spray, add seasonings and there's my snack for the night. It's brilliant!!
Donna - 22nd July 2013
This is such a great product. Kernels are super cheap and can be bought from your local supermarket (if you look hard enough). I recommend this to all!
Dan A - 20th July 2013