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Kitchen Mushroom Garden

Rising from the grounds up

Kitchen Mushroom Garden

Rising from the grounds up

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  •  Everything you need to grow flourishing bouquets of tasty mushrooms
  •  Grown from upcycled coffee grounds
  •  Easy-to-follow instructions
  •  Who knew mushrooms loved coffee so much?


Spores are growing, fungus is thriving and large mushrooms are starting to materialise in the kitchen. No we're not talking about a filthy and neglected student pigsty. This time it's on purpose – we're talking about The Kitchen Mushroom Garden.

Thoughtfully cultivated using the up-cycled coffee grounds from one hundred espressos, this unusual kit is a simple, fun and unique way to grow mushrooms in your own home (whilst doing your bit to save the planet). After just two weeks you'll have a flourishing bouquet of tasty Oyster mushrooms, doubling in size each day and ripe for the picking.

Don't have mushroom in your kitchen? Not a problem. The container takes up very little space and is perfect for garden-deprived city dwellers.

Best of all, once you’ve finished sprouting your shrooms, you’re left with a powerful mushroom-enriched compost. Just empty out the growbag, break it up and sprinkle into houseplants or onto flowerbeds for them to enjoy too!

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Please Note:
  • Fungi/Fun Guy pun left out much against better will
  • Upcycling is undoubtedly the new Recycling
  • Open up the grow bag within one month of purchase. Mushrooms take around two weeks to grow so please bear all of this in mind when purchasing
Product Features:
  • Kit contains everything you need to grow a large bouquet
  • Grown in upcycled coffee grounds
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Box includes:
    • Growbag
    • Water spray pump
    • Recipe card
  • Box measures approximately 11cm(W) x 27cm(H) x 10cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Works perfectly and it is so fun to watch! Gifts that grow are the best.
Nanna - 13th September 2014
This is an amazing gift for pretty much anyone! I bought one in November for a friend and saw her last week - she was raving about it - it's simple to use, reliable (even she managed to grow it and she's certainly not got green fingers!)and the mushrooms magicked themselves out of the box after 7 days! My go to gift from now on!
Yaz - 28th March 2014
Bought this as a christmas present, arrived on time and nicely packaged, very happy with service and product :).
Amy - 29th December 2013
Despite it looking like a whole new organism ready for scientific study, this is an ideal present for a food lover and wannabe-chef.
Emma - 2nd December 2013