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EST. 1998
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Zombie Cookie Cutters

The Walking (Ginger) Bread

Zombie Cookie Cutters

The Walking (Ginger) Bread

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  • Three classic zombie poses
  • Non-stick plastic design
  • Finally get some of your own back on the undead


Zombies have a pretty sweet deal, when you think about it. Sure they’re pretty banged up, people tend to run screaming when they show up and strictly speaking they’re reanimated corpses, but life is so simple when you’re a zombie.

Basically they just cruise around and try to eat people. No work, no laundry, no worries.

Well screw them and their relaxed, stress-free lifestyle. With these Zombie Cookie Cutters you can turn the tables and eat them right back. Finally.

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Please Note:
  • Won’t make actual zombies, just biscuit or cake ones
Product Features:
  • Three distinctive ‘zombie’ poses
  • Non-stick plastic design
  • Each shape measures approximately 7cm(W) x 10cm(H) x 2cm(D)

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