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EST. 1998
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I C what you did there


I C what you did there

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  • Excellent beverage serving abilities
  • High quality glazed ceramic construction
  • Oddly familiar selection of letters
  • C-shaped handle



What is UNT?

Is it some kind of curious code? Perhaps it’s a super-secret luxury brand, or simply a popular nickname in some far-flung part of the world?
Actually, now you mention it, we heard someone shouting it on the street the other day.

All we know about this mysteriously named mug is that is features a sturdy 325ml ceramic body with three unexplained letters and a large black c-shaped handle.

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Please Note:
  • Depending on how much and from what direction you look at this mug, it may appear to contain a "rude" word
Product Features:
  • Quality ceramic construction
  • Left AND right handed
  • Excellent for holding/serving beverages
  • Measures approximately 9.5cm(H) x 8cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Bought for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it and it's now affectionately known as her University North Tyneside mug. Means her little brother has no idea what it really says. Love it!
Jane, Northumberland - 2nd January 2014
Bought these for my daughter as a Christmas gift...nothing says "Mom & Dad Love You" like inappropriate coffee mugs:) They arrived safely from their travels across the pond!!
Kim, Maryland, USA - 24th October 2013
Firebox says: Hi Kim, Frankly I love your parenting style. Pretty badass stuff. Always good to hear they arrived safely in the good ol' U S of A too.
I gave this to my boss to show him how much I like him. His reaction was appropriate. Thank you, Firebox.
Daniel, Birmingham - 9th September 2013
This looks great beside my iMac.
Mark, Sheffield, UK - 2nd September 2013
Every home should have an Unt mug, to drink hot, steamy refreshments from. .
Sara, Reading - 1st September 2013
Great companion for my OCK mug.
Russell, Vermont - 31st May 2013