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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Hoodie Travel Pillow

Protect ya neck

Hoodie Travel Pillow

Protect ya neck

  •  Inflatable neck-brace style support
  •  Integrated hood
  •  Comfortable fleece material
  •  Special ‘privacy’ drawstring


Are you sick of waking up with your head flopping about while drool drips onto your collar? Not a fan of finding yourself snuggled up inappropriately close to your neighbour? Thankfully now you can protect your neck (and your dignity) in comfort and style.

The inflatable neck-brace design provides support while you sleep, while the integrated fleece hoodie (with privacy drawstring) lets you hide away from harsh fluorescent light and the prying eyes of fellow travellers.

Perfect for planes, trains and automobiles, as well as other less traditional forms of transport, the Hoodie Travel Pillow will help you keep your head up.

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Product Features:
  • Made from 100% quality fleece
  • Inflatable neck-brace support with integrated hoodie
  • Special ‘privacy’ drawstring
  • Measures approximately 28cm(W) x 9cm(H) x 30.5cm(D)

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