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Back To The Future iPad Case

You see this book? This book tells the future

Back To The Future iPad Case

You see this book? This book tells the future

  •  Exclusive to Firebox. Limited Edition
  •  Protect your precious iPad or iPad Mini in this authentic Back to the Future Part 2 plot device
  •  Bank on your future like Old Biff with the knowledge of the past
  •  Not to be used to create a series of paradoxes that destroy time


Here's your chance to cover your futuristic iPad in an exclusive prop from the Back to the Future universe. The Grays Sports Almanac. Complete Sports Statistics 1950-2000. ‘This authoritve (sic) book gives you all the information you need to know’.

It's what old Biff gave to young Biff in 1955 which he eventually used to become a crooked millionaire (in the process 'killing' the old version of Biff) by betting on all the sporting events that had yet to happen, but which this almanac had the results of inside. Marty McFly (McFlyyyyyyyy!) eventually nicks it back and knackers Biff's plans, which is a bit selfish.

What makes this SO ingenious, is that with your iPad wedged safely inside – you could use the internets to easily find the actual results of all the sports results – and create your own golden future. If you only could find the keys to the DeLorean.

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Please Note:
  • Limited Edition. Only available at Firebox. Compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 2 and up
  • What you waiting for? Pop it in your basket, make like a tree - and get out of here
  • There are no rear-facing camera holes
Product Features:
  • Nicely padded authentic recreation of Biff's stolen book of destiny!
  • Secure inside framing to keep your sexy iPad safe and protected
  • Poorly detailed drawings of people jumping, running, riding, throwing and using long sticks. None of them seem to have faces
  • 'Oh LàLà' cover not included! Make your own you mucky pups
  • Back to the Future was amazing. Back to the Future Part 2 was great but not quite as good. Back to the Future Part 3 was cack
  • Measures approximately 19.5cm(W) x 24.5cm(H) x 2cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I'd been looking for a good case for ages and this one is perfect. The design is great, nice material and it's definitely worth the price. :).
Olivia - 18th October 2014
Bought this for my dad but then remembered he's never seen any of the Back to the Future films, so I kept it :) Works well, very shockproof, looks good, not the best in stand mode but does everything else fine :).
Jamie - 28th August 2014
Love this, it does work as a stand just not the most secure one. It fits my ipad 2 perfectly and it's very protective. Everyone that's seen it loves it, I highly recommend it!
Lauren - 6th April 2014
Will it fit a samsung tabet?
Laura - 4th December 2013
Firebox says: Sadly not Laura, strictly iPads at the moment, sorry about that
Mulder - 2nd December 2013
Hey. Love this case! Please tell me it works on the new ipad air??
Mike Wilkins - 5th November 2013
Firebox says: Hello Mike. Glad to hear you're liking the iPad case but unfortunately this one won't fit the new iPad Air as it's a slimmed down version so it might look a little like one of grandma's particularly baggy Christmas jumpers on it. Sorry!