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Binary Dad Keyring

Binary Dad Keyring

Coded message

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  •  Crafted from pewter, that's right... pewter!
  •  Show Dad some love with this unique gift
  •  Pewter - the metal of the gods
  •  Binary code sheet included


Whether your Dad's an ancient Indian mathematician, mad about MIDI or just a retired robot, you know that the only true way to show your appreciation is written with ones and zeros.

The Binary Dad Keyring is crafted from brushed-pewter, and comes in a gift box containing a binary code-sheet to help your favourite old guy get the message.

More Information

Product Features:
  • Brushed-pewter keyring
  • DAD written in binary code
  • Binary translation sheet
  • Our Tech guy made us promise to include a disclaimer: He is well aware that ASCII binary is actually nine bits
  • Measures approximately 2.5cm(W) x 4cm(H)