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EST. 1998
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Flat Pack Pets

Cardboard companions

Flat Pack Pets

Cardboard companions

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  •  Customise your pet's colour scheme
  •  Trained to obey basic commands like "stay!" and "fall over in that breeze!"
  •  No mess to clean up
  •  No guilt from lack of walking
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The Flat Pack Pets are for those of us who simply can’t have a real animal in our lives.

Plus, because they’re made of 100% recycled cardboard, you can do all kinds of things that would normally be frowned upon. Like putting them in the glove box for long journeys, using them as coasters during your next dinner party and even colouring them in with a permanent marker.

Don’t feel guilty if you can’t be bothered walking them, there’s no inconvenient messes to clean up, and they’re even trained to respond to simple commands like ‘Stay!’ and ‘Fall over in that breeze!’

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Please Note:
  • We’re serious. Don’t ever use your pet for any of those activities. Ever.
Product Features:
  • 6 different animals available:
    • Ginger Kitten
    • Labrador Puppy
    • Owl (can you even keep an owl as a pet?!)
    • Pomeranian
    • Rabbit
    • White Kitten
  • Die cut from thick recycled cardboard
  • Each black and white cut-out features features shading or detailing
  • Figures measure approximately 13-17cm(W) x 22-24cm(H)

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