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Aim For the Head: An Anthology of Zombie Poetry

Aim For the Head: An Anthology of Zombie Poetry

A write bloody book

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  •  Classic 1940’s styling
  •  Edited by Rob ‘Ratpack Slim’ Sturma
  •  Collection of poetry inspired by the undead



Great art is often inspired by humanity's worst fears. It feeds on our strongest emotions and demands expression.

So it’s little wonder that this excellent Anthology of Zombie Poetry has come to life. After all, the idea of your neighbour eating your brains like ice-cream is enough to get anyone’s creative juices flowing.

Curated by Rob ‘Ratpack Slim’ Sturma, Aim for the Head is perfect for those who prefer their poetry with plenty of blood, gore and ruminations on the undead.

Add it to your library now, for those long nights locked in your bunker.

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Please Note:
  • Contains some adult themes and graphic language
Product Features:
  • Gorgeous 1940’s style cover art and presentation
  • Collection of quality poetry and think-pieces inspired by the undead
  • Measures approximately 14cm(W) x 22cm(H)