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EST. 1998
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Ask Me About My T-Rex T-Shirt

Flipping Monstrous

Ask Me About My T-Rex T-Shirt

Flipping Monstrous

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Extensive fossil evidence has shown that the T-Shirt, or to call it by its full name – Tyrannosaurus Shirt, had a well-proportioned torso and a skimpy little pair of dangling arms. Okay so this isn’t entirely true but this shape-shifting shirt certainly does pay homage to our Jurassic short-armed friend, the T-Rex.

For decades, palaeontologists have debated whether this famed beast really lived up to the hype. Who would win in a fight? T-Rex versus Spinosaurus, T-Rex versus Minotaur, T-Rex versus Jeff Goldblum. Controversially, the fearsome T-Rex actually loses every time. We don't want to keep harping on about it but it has the smallest arm-to-body-mass ratio in the history of beasts - mythical or celebrity. It can’t even swing a punch.

T-Rex was really a docile, harmless lizard that was most likely bullied or ridiculed into extinction. So why not pull on this trendy piece of Cretaceous chic, and frighten your friends in a way that the hapless T-Rex only wishes he could.

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Please Note:
  • Tiny arms not essential to look good in it
  • "Ask Me About Marc Bolan” version coming soon
Product Features:
  • Flip the T-Shirt over your head to reveal a ferocious T-Rex
  • Design inspired by gentle prehistoric beast which roamed the Earth some 3000 years ago
  • Printed on high quality, soft cotton
Sizing (the T-shirts are a Unisex fit):

UK/EU (Ladies)Chest (inches)Length (inches)

Customer Reviews

Ah, Ask Me About My T-Rex T-Shirt... Shrouded in mystery. Many have purchased, but none returned to tell the tale... Yet! Will you be the first brave soul to Submit a Review?

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