Puzzle Alarm Clock

Wakey wakey, rise a jigsaw!

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Wakey wakey, rise a jigsaw!

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It's not just us regular Joe Shmoes who have problems getting up in the morning. History is littered with seemingly intelligent people who just couldn't get their backsides out of bed. Rumour has it Ronald Reagan almost missed his own inauguration due to an ineffective alarm clock, and King Alfred burnt his cakes because he forgot to set his cockerel. Probably.

The point is, short of fitting an air raid siren to your clock-radio or gluing a megaphone to your cockerel's beak, the how to wake up options for heavy sleepers are rather limited. That's where the ingenious Puzzle Alarm clock steps in.


The last time a puzzle was combined with a clock the result was a genius piece of TV known as Countdown. With this in mind we've been scouring the universe for a similarly outstanding creation that wakes you up instead of sending you to sleep. And by the power of Vorderman we think we've found one. Infuriating but incredibly effective, this bizarre alarm clock is guaranteed to wake you up. Why? Because the darn thing won't stop ringing until you correctly reassemble the 4-piece jigsaw that explodes out of it every time the alarm goes off! Genius, eh?

Clock face detail

Believe us, putting a jigsaw together is a great way to wake up, because unlike forcing yourself to walk across the room to turn off the alarm (another popular but flawed method) you actually have to use your noodle to get this little baby to shut up. The Puzzle Alarm Clock is a perfect gift for people who have problems getting up (that's pretty much everyone, then) and its funky, contemporary styling will add an air of elegance to any bedside surface. Now all you have to do is remember to set it!

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Customer Reviews

I recommend this amazing clock - it was the only thing that managed me to get to work on time! but alas it is not with me any longer, after a week of using the thing, I never got that much faster at putting the pieces together. So my flat mate found a quicker way to shut it up by walking in my room and smashing it with a baseball bat.
bodie smith - 2nd March 2004
Oh dear god! How could you? You monsters! Not only do you have to wake up to not a constant, but a REPEATED beeping, the puzzles pieces are just ARGH! First I rolled over to push the switch on the back to off, but this didnt work! I thought I'd fooled it! So then I pushed one piece of the puzzle (the only piece left on my bedside table) in. This didnt work. So I proceeded to pick up the second puzzle piece I'd just stood on, and placed that in, just to realise the first piece springs out when another is put in! ARGH! *GRR!* So then, fumbling in the dark, on my black carpet, looking for a black and dark blue puzzle piece (possibly an ingenious way of waking you further: hunting for dark colours in a dark room puts a strain on your eyes). Upon finding these, I had to rearange them all in my hand, then push all pieces down together! finally, it's reasembelled. But oh no, the bleeping continues! I pick it up to remove the batteries, but they're screwed down! im panicking here, so I turn the alarm hand to another time, but it's still going off! I then remembered something: I'd already put the switch to off. After pushing it back up, then putting it back to 'off' again, FINALLY it stops. *bliss* problem was, I was too awake now to bother 'snoozing', so I carried on as a normal morning, just with a lot more time! Possibly the most ingeniously hated yet perfectly designed way to wake me up! Trust me, I've not been late once since I bought it!
Tom Smith - 14th January 2004
This thing rules! Any smart asses thinking of taking the batteries out when its going off will be shocked to find them screwed in! Fix the puzzle or hunt a screwdriver down, either way job done and you are awake at the end of it!
Tay - 16th December 2003
I just thought this was the deadliest thing ever !!! But, in the wrong hands It would last about 2 days until battered into a pulp, when your cognitive skills couldn't focus enough in the morning to get the pieces back together and turn the durn thing off !!! Day 1 - novelty factor Day 2 - Novelty wearing thin factor after you have set it off 10 million times the previous evening to prove to everyone how cool it was. Day 3 - slam pieces in, damage corner in hasty process so it doesn't quite fit and goes off as soon as you walk 2 meters away [any closer and your latent natural force keeps the seal together - ie 2 arms length!] Day 4 - Novelty factor gone, realise that this is bad karma coming back to haunt for the christmas eve purchased book in the bargain basement of Hogges Figgis you had been searching for 'for months' last christmas........ ahem.. Day 5 - Autopilot battery removal ..... thinking AROUND the problem!. Day 6 - Mornings are for waking up to good music not having your intelligence tested at 7 in the morning, a swift removal to back of once cool gadget cupboard ....... mental note to kindly pass on [inflict] to gadgety brother. ; D . For all those looking for the ultimate christmas gift! Clodagh
Clodagh Durkan - 28th November 2003
What a fabulous idea! I often resort to sticking my alarm clock in an unreachable place, like on top of a wardrobe, but after a while I become "immune". This looks like the perfect solution - bound to get on my flatmate's nerves, though!
Craig Laycock - 17th October 2003