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Psychedelic Cat Sweater

Psychedelic Cat Sweater not around the eyes

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  •  Strangely hypnotic design
  •  Tribute to the feline god of the rave
  •  Made from polyester, the fabric of kings



Looking like some kind of hypnotic, tie-died, bow tie wearing god, the Psychedelic Cat stares out of this powerful polyester sweater. We mortals powerless to look away.

Like staring into the sun, or watching too many episodes of Twin Peaks, rumour has it that the gaze of the Psychedelic Cat will change you forever. Wear it with caution.

Crafted using a heady mix of polyester and, well, polyester, this sweater is a slim-fit celebration of the feline god of the rave.

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Please Note:
  • Wash inside-out
  • Staring too long into Psychedelic Cat’s eyes may have unusual side effects, then again, you may just realise you’ve been staring at a sweater
Product Features:
  • Strangely hypnotic design
  • 100% Polyester – the fabric of kings
  • Unisex cut

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Customer Reviews

Awesome! Thin and shiny - feels more like a cycling jumper but BETTER.

Rebecca - 27th of March, 2015