BBQ Bear Paws

Grizzly grips

BBQ Bear Paws

Grizzly grips

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  •  'Claw-style' design provides excellent purchase on large cuts of meat
  •  Also adept at tossing salad
  •  Heat resistant and sturdy construction
  •  Pretend you're a lesser known member of the X-Men


Say what you will about them, but hundreds of years of evolution have seen bears develop the perfect paws for pulling pork, slicing steaks and even for wrestling watermelons (a part of any healthy bear diet). Which is why the BBQ Bear Paws are so simple and effective.

Loosely modelled on the great Grizzly, with their natural grip and sturdy plastic ‘claws’ this handy cooking accessory helps you man bear-handle your meat and toss your salads.

Far better than a flimsy fork, now you can pretend to be Wolverine's smaller-clawed cousin AND carve up your spit roast, simultaneously. High five!

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Please Note:
  • Strictly for food preparation, these are sharp and should be used with care
Product Features:
  • Sturdy and heat-resistant moulded-plastic construction
  • Sharp ‘claws’ provide excellent purchase for shredding meat, and gripping large cuts and roasts
  • Pretend you're a new member of the X-Men
  • Measures approximately 11cm(W) x 2cm(H) x 12cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I got given these as a present at Christmas and have used them a few times since. They really do the job they are meant to, and they do it perfectly. No matter what meat you want to shred these bear paws are the best thing for it! I've made pulled pork, beef and lamb since I got them and they make the shredding/pulling process very quick and very easy!
Pete - 2nd April 2014
Wow - never seen my fiance so happy. Something that helps him make his beloved pulled pork and allows him to pretend to be a bear surgeon at the same time!
Lesley - 6th March 2014
Firebox says: We wouldn’t recommend any surgery on a bear, far to dangerous.
Does anyone else but me see a new zombie survival tool.
Jon - 10th February 2014
Firebox says: Close quarter zombie combat? Recipe for disaster.
These bear paws have turned my boyfriend into Wolverine, or so he believes!! He has loved using them for cooking Christmas dinner, and best of all his favourite bbq pulled pork recipe is ready for our New Years Eve party!! He says These are awesome. Shredding the pork used to take me ages with a fork!! Best Christmas present!
Stephanie - 31st December 2013
These are the future of BBQ, I did an 8lb shoulder of pork in my Weber smokey mountain and these badboys shredded it in under 2 minutes. I also used them for moving other hot meat around my BBQ, so they would be equally good for taking joints of meat from the oven. Plus you can hold them in each hand and go 'Grrrrr I'm a Burrrrr' to friends and family.
James - 27th June 2013
Ok so I didn't purchase these from here - I actually imported mine from the USA because I wanted them that much. They are the best thing for any kitchen. Great for pulled pork if you have a smoker. Also good for shredding chicken, duck, tossing salads, lifting meats.
LP - 28th May 2013