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Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 5

Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 5

Pop of the Tops

Sorry, this product is not available.

  •  Available in four bright colours
  •  Easily opens bottles and cans
  •  More efficient (and portable) than a hammer
  •  Awesomely annoying/Annoyingly awesome iPhone App
  •  Sturdy, reinforced construction


This sleek and stylish case combines two of our favourite things: drinking and protecting our iPhones. With its recessed stainless steel bottle opener and shock-absorbing, reinforced back, you get plenty of leverage without risking your iPhone.

Of course, if all you wanted was something to open your bottles, you’d just carry around a hammer. No, where the Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 5 really starts performing, is when you download the free App.

Featuring a selection of sound effects and customisable alerts the HeadCase App will tally up your drinks and even upload your exploits online. Please be aware however, that the included audio features some of the most annoying noises ever recorded.

Which, depending on how many bottles you've popped, might be absolutely ideal. Cheers.

More Information

Please Note:
  • iPhone NOT included
  • We’re not kidding, the sound effects on the App are mental
Product Features:
  • Slim design
  • Rustproof, stainless steel bottle opener and can tab
  • Reinforced inner design keeps pressure off phone when opening
  • Slip-resistant rubberised case
  • Free HeadCase App for keeping track, featuring incredibly annoying sound effects