Castaway companion


Castaway companion

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  •  Exceptional listening skills
  •  Fully licensed and official size and weight
  •  Lovely round shape
  •  Perfect for plane trips and unexpected landings

Does not arrive pumped up.



Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks; Cast Away follows a FedEx executive’s adventures as he tries to survive on a desert island after a plane crash. It also stars a volleyball called Wilson.

While Hanks was only nominated for his role, Wilson actually went on to win the Critics Choice Award for Best Inanimate Object. (Apparently, he had a ball at the ceremony.)

This officially licensed piece of merchandise is perfect for fans of the film, veteran volleyballers and anyone looking a bit lonely. He’s a great listener.

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Please Note:
  • Handprint is NOT actually Tom Hanks' blood (that would be gross)
  • Wilson arrives deflated, it's up to you to get him pumped up and full of hot air
Product Features:
  • Official Cast Away memorabilia that also doubles as a very good volleyball
  • Gets pumped up on demand
  • Officially size, weight and licence by 20th Century Fox/Wilson
  • Measures approximately 21cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Love it, looks exactly how the original prop looks (gladly no real blood) although more clean and less worn obviously. If I go on a beach holiday this is going to be one fun ball to play games with on the sands!
Gina - 4th August 2014
Paid for delivery via FedEx. Never showed up.
David - 27th December 2013
After watching castaway at a friends we both started yelling "WILSON"all the time and when I saw this on your site I knew it was just the gift for his birthday, he of course loved it and calls now and then to it from the lounge room. "WILSON!"
Miranda - 7th September 2013
Firebox says: "WIIIIIIILSON!" It provided hours of fun here at HQ as well. Glad you've had such a great time with it.
Is wilson playable with to play volleyball?
Oliver - 25th July 2013
Firebox says: It is a volleyball so I suppose you could play with it if you wanted. However its more designed as a piece of film memorabilia.
Wilson is a well made and well mannered individual. He's a really good listener but be warned, if he starts answering back it may be you that has the problem. Enjoy.
Barry Slater - 20th July 2013
I was looking to buy this as a gift and was wondering does it come fully pumped and boxed or does it just come in a box as a flat ball?
Simon - 16th May 2013
Firebox says: Wilson doesn't come fully pumped up I'm afraid, so you'll need a ball pump to inflate the little guy.