Wasp Cafe Experience

See what all the buzz is about

Wasp Cafe Experience

See what all the buzz is about

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  •  Bask in the company of your favourite flying insect
  •  Enjoy a delicious honey-flavoured beverage
  •  Bring your bee-loving buddies too, we don't discriminate
  •  Free cortisone cream available on request


Lately there’s been an increase in novelty animal-cafes, but cats' can be so uppity and dogs’ are just distracting. When you really want to relax you need wasps, and lots of them.

Often called the king of the insects (by wasp fans), these noble creatures will welcome you to London's first Wasp Café - it's the café that everyone’s been buzzing about. You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of honey-flavoured drinks and all the cortisone cream you could ask for.

The menu is very reasonably priced, and this package includes admission for you and a friend - so you don't need to worry about getting stung with hidden costs.

Whether you regularly get bitten by the Wasp Café bug, or just fly in for a swell time, it’s the new craze that’s swarming the nation.

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Please Note:
  • We strongly recommend anyone with allergies or an aversion to insect bites avoids this cafe
Product Features:
  • Bask in the company of an assorted of all your favourite wasp species, from the European to the humble hornet
  • Enjoy a fine honey-flavoured drink from our wasp-friendly menu
  • Cortisone cream on hand

Customer Reviews

As a regular visitor to the Wasp Cafe I really cannot recommend it enough. A trend that started in the outskirts of Tokyo, it's really exciting to finally have our own in the UK! To really enjoy maximum quality time with the wasps I recommend buying the fruit scones with extra jam. The wasps will flock to your table to share your meal. It's so cute to watch them frolicking around, and I've even managed to get them to eat jam from my hands. This is also a really cute spot for a first date! Although, take it from me, it's worth getting your new flame to fill our a consent form stating they won't hold you responsible for any inconvenient cases of anaphylactic shock.
Catt Mott - 1st April 2013
I've heard there is abit of a buzz around this new type of cafe!
Nathan - 1st April 2013
Firebox says: You need to see it to BEE-live it