6-Bottle Bike Bag

6-Bottle Bike Bag

Saddle Bags

  •  Sturdy, waterproof construction
  •  Carries up to 6 tasty beverages
  •  Snappy colour scheme
  •  Sits safely, even with your giant cyclist calves

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Make your bike a BYO beverage-carrier with this cleverly constructed, waterproof set of saddlebags. No matter if you're just shooting to the shops, or on an unexpected (de)tour de France.

Designed with cyclists in mind (so your gigantic calves won't suffer) and featuring a secure Velcro attachment system (for all the rad jumps), you’ll be able to stay refreshed on your ride.

Looks like it’s time to saddle up.

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Please Note:
  • Don't drink and ride
Product Features:
  • Holds up to six standard size 500ml bottles
  • Crafted from hard wearing, waterproof canvas and velcro
  • Sits centrally so you can pedal freely
  • Measures approximately 26cm(W) x 29cm(H) x 18cm(D) (when flat)