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EST. 1998
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Iron Man Suit

The only weapon you need

Iron Man Suit

The only weapon you need

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  •  Crafted from a mix of steel and carbon, and featuring the iconic red/gold Iron Man design
  •  The Mark XLVII headset utilises projected holographic technology
  •  Hand-mounted stabilisation jets, combined with the thigh-mounted flare development system provide optimum flight control
  •  Cameras are mounted on shoulders and wrists for improved flight-safety
Important Information:

Due to the experimental and highly secret nature of this product, customers will be required to undertake rigorous physical and psychological tests before purchase. For legal reasons a full waiver must also be signed, indemnifying Firebox in the unlikely event of injury or appearance of arch-nemeses.


For the first time ever a fully functioning Iron Man suit has been developed and is now available, exclusively from Firebox.

Combining existing military electronics, and incorporating new, highly experimental technology we’ve created a safe-mode version, giving you an opportunity to truly feel like Ironman, without the hassles of saving mankind.

Modified for consumer use, the suit has been stripped of all weapons technology, but flight mode and the integrated sensory systems are all still fully functioning.

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Please Note:
  • Due to the incredibly exclusive nature of this product, delivery will be 5-6 months from point of order.
Technical Specifications:
  • The suit is crafted from a mix of steel and carbon, and features the iconic red/gold Ironman design.
  • The Mark XLVII headset utilises projected holographic technology to control the suit and includes system updates and commands, (recorded by Paul Bettany, the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S in the films).
  • Powered by a 1000 watt lithium battery positioned in the middle of the suit, accurately mimicking the appearance of an arc-reactor.
  • For improved flight-safety, cameras are mounted on shoulders and wrists, and are integrated with your control systems.
  • Hand-mounted stabilisation and maneuvering jets combined with the thigh-mounted flare development system provide optimum flight control.
  • To ensure maximum battery life, two lightweight battery packs are located on the hips. Like the arc-reactor battery pack, these are re-chargeable.
  • Made to measure

Customer Reviews

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Apparently the Iron Man suit is not exempt from congestion charging in the London area.
Jeff Barber, London UK - 5th August 2014
This is the most amazing product I've ever seen in my whole geek life.
Iron Man, USA - 27th July 2014
My freinds are saying that this is fake can you prove it's not please !
Alfie, Sutton Coldfield - 7th December 2013
Firebox says: Alfie, afraid so, it was one of our April fools products back in 2013!
Im a large man xxxL will I fit ?
Rob Geary, Big Old Leicester - 19th November 2013
Firebox says: Hey Rob, As the suit is custom made I don't see why not. The manufacturer may need to add a small additional charge to cover materials though. Also, make sure you're ready for those rigorous physical tests. I'm assuming the size is pure muscle though so that shouldn't be an issue.
Best purchase i've made. Really happy with the quality of the suit and its performance. A worthy purchase if you have the money to spend.
John Porfe, UK - 4th November 2013
Firebox says: Thanks John, so happy to hear you like the product. Will keep our eyes on the skies for your magnificent Iron Suited form.
Well what I can I say-. !!Well worth the 250K asking price- I've sold my wife, Kids and my goat Ranjeev- would happily pay double the price. Fast delivery- arrived with a lifetime supply of Brasso - Thanks Firebox!
Saaanjeeet, Afghanistan - 20th October 2013
Firebox says: Wow Saaanjeeet, that's quite a sacrifice you've made to get this item but we can let you know it's probably more fun than your goat. Not that we ever met your goat. Glad to hear you enjoy the product!