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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Eroticolor Sexual Activity Book

Spread the pages

Eroticolor Sexual Activity Book

Spread the pages

Sorry, this product is not available.

  • A "children's" activity that's absolutely not for children
  • Put your crayon to all new uses
  • Packed with (very) dirty drawings
  • Seriously, things get really 'veiny'
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Spread the pages, grasp your pencil and prepare to splash colour all over the Eroticolor Sexual Activity Book. But take our word for it – this is some very cheeky colouring in.

With scenes drawn from every inch of the sexual landscape, as well as a selection of various other activities, there’s something for everyone (unless you’re even remotely offended by drawings of a sexual nature).

Seriously, if we were a seedy newsagent, this would be in a brown bag under the counter.

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Please Note:
  • We’re not kidding, this is really quite graphic. Absolutely 18+
  • Be prepared for things to get really veiny, honestly, there's so many veins
Product Features:
  • 20+ pages of graphic drawings to be filled with your colour
  • Also includes rude word-search, naughty crossword and dot-to-dot
  • Lots of naked people doing fun, naked stuff with/to each other
  • Measures approximately 22cm(W) x 28cm(H)... not that size matters.

Customer Reviews

It was a lot bigger than I expected (excuse the pun) which was a nice surprise. An interesting mix of connect-the-dot pages, crosswords, word searches and graphic cartoons. I'm sure my partner will love it! Had me giggling with each turn of the page! Best colouring book ever.
Sheri, United Kingdom - 25th May 2013
I bought this for my dad on his birthday, my mum did not approve.... Although that said there were some bits that my dad didn't approve of either.
Walter, The North - 30th March 2013

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