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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Big Face Chocolate Labrador T-Shirt

Sit, Ubu, sit... good dog

Big Face Chocolate Labrador T-Shirt

Sit, Ubu, sit... good dog

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  •  Just like your favourite Labrador, except made entirely of chocolate
  •  Look at those eyes
  •  Incredible 3-D detail


Just like the traditional, much-loved Labrador, except made entirely out of chocolate. This t-shirt celebrates one of mankind's greatest canine chums.

Representing a high point for the entire clothing industry; these t-shirts are the perfect union of high-quality, pre-shrunk garments and oversized images of animal’s faces.

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Please Note:
  • A big face animal t-shirt is a gift for life, not just for Christmas
  • These aren't your trendy, tailored, slim-fit t-shirts and fit is about 1/2-1 size larger than normal. (If in doubt, opt for the smaller size)
  • The rest of the shirt is in a rather fetching "tie dye" style
Product Features:
  • Amazing shaded 3D effect image of a chocolate labrador
  • Designed by artist Vincent Hie
  • Relaxed fit
  • Reinforced double-stitching on all seams
  • Pre-shrunk & ready to wear
  • Heavyweight 100% Cotton

UK/EU (Ladies)Chest (inches)Length (inches)
X Large1447"31"

Customer Reviews

Possibly the greatest shirt a man could buy. On my first day of work wearing this shirt, I was promoted and my salary doubled. I found a girlfriend within 9 seconds of meeting me. Pros: Elegant, Majestic, Attractive, Arousing Cons: A dog pissed on me and then shat on me while I sunbathed :/
Harry Fremantle, London - 21st March 2013
Firebox says: Yes! You're preaching to the converted Harry - they truly are marvellous shirts and this kind of admiration from co-workers and women alike is to be expected. The latter part of your experiences can be vastly improved by taking the time to mark your territory properly.