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Kitten-Fairies T-Shirt

You've got to be kitten me

Kitten-Fairies T-Shirt

You've got to be kitten me

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  •  Dangerously high levels of 'cuteness'
  •  Every time a child say 'I don't believe in Kitten-Fairies' a Kitten Fairy T-Shirt unravels
  •  Only for the very brave, or very ironic


The Kitten-Fairy is an incredibly illusive creature. Once believed to only exist in childhood dreams and the disjointed minds of internet-addicts; a trio was recently spotted cavorting together, and it is this image that now graces the Kitten-Fairy T-Shirt.

Printed in perfect detail on these high quality tees, the Kitten-Fairies can be seen flitting about on their butterfly wings, waving flower-wands and practicing their (potentially) dark magic.

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Please Note:
  • While unbearably cute, we're not sure these are actual creatures
  • The Kitten Fairies t-shirt is a gift for life, not just for Christmas (although it IS a great gift for Christmas)
Product Features:
  • High-quality printing
  • 100% cotton
  • Extreme levels of cuteness
  • 3 different Kitten Fairie breeds
  • Measures approximately:
    • Small: 36" (Chest) x 26" (Length)
    • Medium: 40" (Chest) x 28" (Length)
    • Large: 43" (Chest) x 30" (Length)
    • XL: 47" (Chest) x 31" (Length)

Customer Reviews

This amazing little T-shirt is so cute. The concept of kitten fairies is brilliant but I wonder what special magic they would carry, would it be Fairynip or Kittydust. (both of which may cause vivid dreams but this is more common in excess use) They are linked to general playful happiness. But if this is abused then symptoms are: imagination that other cute animals babies fairies become focused or flying around they never seems to be around the next day. This T-shirts magic is not to be abused!
C. Harris, Birmingham - 16th June 2014