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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Animal Head Hangers

Just hanging out

Animal Head Hangers

Just hanging out

Sorry, this product is not available.

  •  Detailed, distinctive artwork
  •  Traditional ‘triangular’ shaped hanger for optimum hanging ability
  •  Dapper dogs and classy cats peering out of your wardrobe
  •  Hook, for hooking
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Creases are bad. That’s why we invented clothes hangers. But hangers are boring. That's why we invented the Animal Head Hangers.

Because unlike normal, boring hangers, these triangular hooked-helpers feature the fashionable faces of a very British bulldog and a couple of classy cats.

Excellent on their own, the Animal Clothes Hangers are even better when they join forces; filling your wardrobe with their modish mugs (and letting you know just how much better your cat looks in that outfit).

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Please Note:
  • These animals will only be as stylish as your wardrobe allows, if you’re not impressed with their fashion sense (it’s on you)
  • Hangers are quite large, so may not be suitable for cramped spaces
Product Features:
  • Available in 3 designs: British Bulldog, Calico Cat and Biggles Cat
  • Triangular clothes hangers (with hanging hook)
  • Detailed and interesting animal faces on each hanger
  • It looks like they’re actually wearing your outfits
  • Measures approximately42cm(W) x 36cm(H) x 1cm(D)

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Ah, Animal Head Hangers... Shrouded in mystery. Many have purchased, but none returned to tell the tale... Yet! Will you be the first brave soul to Submit a Review?