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EST. 1998
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Random Crap Crates

Scaled-down storage

Random Crap Crates

Scaled-down storage

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  • Set of three wooden crates with lids
  • Perfect for putting all your crap away
  • Give your random objects a home
  • Ideal for desktops, kitchens or miniature archaeological digs
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Is your workspace overrun with crap? Do you constantly feel under threat by mess and assorted random objects? Are you just really, really anally retentive?

Well never fear, freakishly pedantic person, because have we got the stylish storage option for you! The Random Crap Crates come in sets of three and are ideal for objects great and small; helping you maintain a tidy desk with their scaled-down design.

Additionally, these recycled wooden crates are ideal for smuggling (very small) priceless relics and (even smaller) illegal arms across international borders. These crates don't mess around.

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Please Note:
  • Firebox - like Indiana Jones - does not condone the international smuggling of priceless artefacts
Product Features:
  • Perfect for reigning in that mess and storing random crap
  • Set of three storage crates
  • Made from recycled pine
  • Small measures approximately 5.7cm(W) x 5.7cm(H) x 5.7cm(D)
  • Medium measures approximately 7.4cm(W) x 7.4cm(H) x 7.4cm(D)
  • Large measures approximately 9.6cm(W) x 9.6cm(H) x 9.6cm(D)

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