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Mighty Tyvek Wallets

Cash and Carry

Mighty Tyvek Wallets

Cash and Carry

Sorry, this product is not available.

  •  Almost completely indestructible (unless you really try)
  •  Available in three distinctive designs
  •  Ideal for a big night out


With their slim profiles, fully-folded construction and numerous handy pockets and compartments the Mighty Tyvek Wallets are perfect for a big night out; letting you leave your luxurious leather one at home.

Crafted from near-indestructible Tyvek® and available in three distinctive designs, you can celebrate the power of the pound, the power of pride and the power of the cheesy poof (whatsit).

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Please Note:
  • Not actually indestructible (but pretty close)
Product Features:
  • Origami-like folded construction means extra strength
  • Crafted from Tyvek®
  • Multiple cash and card pockets and compartments
  • Measures approximately 20.5cm(W) x 8.5cm(H) x 1cm(D) – (open)

Customer Reviews

I've had my Mighty Wallet for 2 years now and I still love the thing. People still try to rip and ruin it and it still holds all of my cards, student ID and bus pass. I absolutely love it, it is my favourite conversation starter and I don't know how it's survived a night or five-hundred out but it really does!
George Smith - 31st August 2013
I bought one of these three years ago and I'm still using it to this day! It's survived constantly being bashed against my keys and being whipped out my pocket to scan my oyster card (Which if you unfold one of the side pockets can be kept safely in there). Three years and the only "damage" to it is the worn corners. I suppose I should consider a new one!
Steven Giles - 21st April 2013
I've had one of these bad boys for about 5 years, and it is still holding the particulars of my life with the style and untearable effortless grace. A definite conversation starter, mostly ending in where they can buy one.
James - 16th April 2013