Bobble Hot Travel Mug

Keep your coffee hot to trot

Bobble Hot Travel Mug

Keep your coffee hot to trot

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  •  Double wall insulation
  •  Oversize capacity
  •  Spill resistant top
  •  BPA/PVC free


The Bobble Hot Travel Mug’s ergonomic design means that your hands will actually enjoy holding it. Plus, scientists believe that the ‘bubble’ design will even make your hot beverages taste better. Honest.

The double-layered plastic construction allows for a pocket of air to insulate your hot beverage, keeping it warmer longer, while the cleverly constructed lid seals shut for sudden sprinting, or slides open for speedy sipping.

Your coffee is so hot right now.

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Please Note:
  • Hot beverages not included
  • By ‘scientists’ we mean the random bloke we saw wearing a lab coat
Product Features:
  • Double wall insulation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oversize capacity
  • Spill resistant top
  • Iconic bubble design
  • BPA/PVC free
  • Measures approximately 8cm(D) x 22cm(H)
  • Contains approximately 450ml

Customer Reviews

A great mug which keeps drinks warm for a long time. Good for work where you make tea, end up being too busy to drink it as with this it's still warm when you get back to the desk. A huge downside is that it doesnt fit in the car holders so useless for travel which is what I bought it for.
Samantha Coles - 21st April 2013
I now have quite a collection of travel mugs and this is the best one I've ever owned by a mile! It keeps drinks nice and toasty (not nuclear or horribly cold far too quickly like some mugs do) and will hold heat for around an hour or so, so ideal for the average commute) with no hot water prepping needed beforehand. It's easy to clean, comfortable to hold and drink from, looks cool and virtually spill proof. I knocked it over during a hectic night shift and only lost a tiny amount even with the sipping bit open. It also doesn't have the problem of condensation getting between the 2 walls and turning stagnant. A great buy, I may even buy my fiancé one! :).
Em Norton - 8th March 2013