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A pub quiz in your pocket


A pub quiz in your pocket

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  •  Four little questions. One big link
  •  Perfect for those who enjoy a boisterous shouty-out quiz game
  •  Rewards general knowledge, but equally rewards wild guesswork
  •  Once described as ‘the thinking man’s hungry hippos’


Answering questions is the name of the game (ok, clearly the name of the game is Linkee, thanks smart-arse).

Ahem. So each card has four questions and a central link; answer them all correctly or just go for gold and guess the link. Plus there are trading cards and an all-seeing games master to contend with.

Once you’ve collected all the cards you need, leap to your feet hysterically and scream ‘LINKEE!

Perfect to play with a partner or in tournament-style teams, and will test your (vaguely Eurocentric) general knowledge, answering abilities and link-spotting skills. It’s like having a pub quiz in your pocket.

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Please Note:
  • Require some general knowledge and basic reading/writing skills, presuming you want to win
Product Features:
  • Box contains everything you need to start playing
  • This is the latest version of the game (v2) with new and improved question cards
  • Suitable for ages 14+ (or precociously smart 8-year olds)
  • Like having a pub quiz in your pocket
  • Measures approximately 8cm(W) x 9cm(H) x 27cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Love this game. Bought it for the fam for Christmas last year and it was a huge hit. It's really easy to pick up, and there are loads of cards. Great value for money.
Rachel Williams - 10th June 2014
I bought this product as a present for my mum and ended up keeping it for myself! I love this game and would definitely recommend it to anyone! I would also recommend the mobile LINKEE app for when you're on the move!
Aaron Potts - 17th April 2014
Really good game. Nice and simple and great if you have mates round - as can pick up easily. Nice to see a new game on the market which is fun!
Gavin - 30th April 2013
Wowzers. . I wasn't sure about this one, but now I'm addicted! Definitely would recommend this game:).
Margot - 16th April 2013