Unlikely Friendships

You’re my best mate you…

Unlikely Friendships

You’re my best mate you…

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The Unlikely Friendships Book contains 47 heart-warming stories of inter-species friendship and oddness.

They might each sound like the name of a fictional pub, but every story tugs at the heart-strings. The Monkey and the Dove. The Leopard and the Cow. The Gorilla and the Kitten. The Cockatoo and the Cat. The Sheep and the Elephant. All of them gold.

Alongside the explanations, you get a rare chance to see pictures like a monkey carrying a cat (quite well); a lioness definitely not thinking about eating a baby oryx; an owl and a greyhound staring at the camera like psychos; a tortoise and a hippo just knocking about; a bear chilling out on some decking with a lion and a cat helping a blind dog (without leading him into an empty lift shaft).

Let’s face it, it’s what you’ve always wanted. In your heart. In your mind. An eye-opening collection of animal love stories. We’re sure they all end happily. For one of them at least.

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Please Note:
  • Some of the pictures might make your head fall off with joy
  • This is a book. It cannot be used with an iDevice. It’s like owning a piece of the past
Product Features:
  • Made of paper and card
  • 210 pages filled with animals and pictures and words
  • Measures approximately 18cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 1.5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Was a lovely and heart-warming book, perfect for any animal lover.
Annalise Jenner - 25th January 2014
I bought this as a novelty gift for a friend, which was intended to be a bit of a joke gift. However, turned out to be a great gift and a hit in the office I work. Filled with great pictures of 'unlikely friendships' and short accompanying stories. My friend said after she read it she wasn't sure whether to say 'awwww' or cry (in reference to the Gorilla story). Great stories, great pictures, Great gift!
Martin - 25th May 2013